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Outside Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office administers any scholarship awarded outside of the college. This page includes a list of local and national scholarships that pertain to students attending a community college. SCC provides links to scholarship opportunities as a service to our students. SCC does not offer the scholarships and has no responsibility for or involvement in the scholarship selection and award processes. If you have questions about outside scholarships, please contact the company offering them. Our office does filter out any scholarships that require a fee, but as a general rule, students should never pay for a scholarship opportunity. If a student is awarded a scholarship, the student requests the funds be sent to SCC, and our office loads that money on the student's account. Students can then charge tuition and books against that amount. Any funds left over are sent to the student in a refund check. If students receive any scholarship funds directly, it is their responsibility to notify our office. This webpage will be updated at the first of every month. Visit our Scholarships page for information on internal scholarships and additional outside scholarship resources.

Scholarship Name


Award Amount

Application Source


Cashiers Rotary Scholarship For students who live in the Cashiers, Glenville, Lake Toxaway, Sapphire or Tuckasegee communities and are currently attending, or planning to enroll in, a community college program. Up to $2,500 for the year Cashiers Rotary Scholarship Website No Deadline Specified
North Carolina
Community Foundation
At the North Carolina Community Foundation, we bring together generous people and connect them to causes and organizations they care about. We serve the entire state, with a focus on rural North Carolina. Varies NC Community Foundation website March 15th

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