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Event Reservation From

Recurring Event in the same Academic Year? (July 1 - June 30)
Will Food be served?
Do you need to meet with Technical Staff member?
Equipment and Audio-Visual Needs
Overhead projector and wireless remote
Projection screen
VCR/DVD combo
Internet connection
Dry-erase board
Flip-chart stand
Registration table
Refreshment table
Additional tables
Additional chairs
Music playback
Table-top Lectern
Podium Mounted Microphone
Hand-held Microphone with cord
Microphone Stands (6 available)
Microphone Stands (with boom)
Wireless Lapel Microphone
Wireless Hand-held Microphone (2 available)
7.5 foot Kawai Grand piano (auditorium only)
Special stage lighting (auditorium only)

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