Faculty and Staff

Work Orders


Read the following sections for information on how to submit work orders for different needs at Southwestern.  Once you have reviewed the information on this page proceed to fill out the web-based or printable forms.   You may need to install Adobe Reader if you cannot view the files.

Request Help from Maintenance

Whether you need some help setting up for an event or changing out a ballast in your light fixture, our College’s maintenance staff has a new and improved method for responding quickly and efficiently.

MaintenanceDirect - an Internet-based work order and maintenance management system - is now available for you to fill out maintenance work orders.

In order to get set up with this new system, go to www.myschoolbuilding.com on the Internet and enter our organization number (which you will need to get from Kathleen Breedlove (ext. 4260) in the Human Resources Office in the space provided. After that, you can bookmark the page by selecting: “Favorites” and “Add to Favorites” in your browser. You can also save a shortcut on your computer desktop by clicking on “File/Send/Send shortcut to desktop.” You can then rename the shortcut on your desktop to something that you can remember.

Now you’re ready to submit a work request. The next time you need assistance from Maintenance, you can click on the shortcut you saved on your desktop or in your favorites folder. Then you can fill out the work request form - being very careful to enter your e-mail address correctly because it is your unique username in the system. After that, you can enter the organization password - which you will also need to get from Daniel or Kathleen. You can then click submit.

Anytime you want to check the status of previous requests, you can return to this page and click on the “my requests” tab.

Computer Support

Workorders: If you need to have the computer center install, repair, replace or upgrade any computer related equipment or software, please submit a workorder using this online form:

Alternatively, you may submit a workorder via email at ticket[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu.

Event Reservation
Reserve space to hold conferences, events or meetings.

Graphics and Printing Work Request

  • Use this online form to submit a general request for your graphics and printing needs. 
  • Please use the Business Card Request Form for business cards only.
  • Completing this form in its entirety will help to eliminate bottlenecking, increase communications, and will help provide a quicker turnaround time. 
  • All work orders must be submitted at least 7-10 working days in advance of the deadline (some projects may take longer). 
  • A separate work order is required for each request.
  • For projects that require revisions, please send a hard copy sample or mock-up of the changes via campus mail.

Video Production Workform
If you need video footage taken and/or a video production made of an individual, class or event, please fill out this form.

Website Changes
Please email all website changes to webmaster[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu. Please include the URL and any text revisions. Please include a PDF of any attachment that needs updated/added.