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Student Assessment Team (SAT)

The Southwestern Community College Student Assessment Team (SAT) assists in promoting a safe teaching and learning environment.

Click here to view the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool!
Nabita Threat Assessment Tool


The SAT team is charged with:
1) Prevention of inappropriate student behaviors, and
2) Providing early intervention for students exhibiting concerning behaviors.

The SAT team is a cross-functional group composed of faculty and staff who have education, training and experience in
assessing and offering behavioral interventions. The team meets in a structured format the first Friday of each month and
coordinates informal meetings as needed throughout the school year to discuss and monitor student behavior. 

The SAT team supports a safe campus through a structured CARE (Climate, Assessment, Resources, Education) model.
The team monitors the campus climate through faculty, staff and student conversations; assesses concerning behavioral
reports through the uses of the NABITA Threat Assessment Tool; provides healthy behavior resources to students, faculty
and staff; and to provide educational training to faculty and staff to facilitate and support healthy classroom behaviors.  


Resources for students:
SCC student concerns portal (to report concerning behavior)

Southwestern Community College Counselor: Peter Buck
phone: 828.339.4243 or email:

Blue Ridge Health - 828.477.4334 or

SAT Team Membership
SAT team membership image

Meridian Health Services (Counseling): 828.631.3973 After hours: 828.226.4818

Mobile Crisis Hotline: 888.315.2880

REACH of Macon County (also serving Jackson County): 828.586.8969

Sheriff's Departments:
Jackson County: 828.586.8901
Macon County: 828.349.2104
Swain County: 828.488.0159

Vet to Vet Program, Tom Baker: 828.508.5522

Western North Carolina Legal Services: 828.586.8931

WIA Youth Program (ages 18-21) 
Jackson and Macon County - 828.369.9534
Swain County - 828.488.2149

Resources for faculty/staff:
SCC student concerns portal (to report concerning behavior)

SCC Policy 6.03.06; Student Conduct Review


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