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1964 Society

The 1964 Society, named in tribute to the year Southwestern Community College was founded, is a donor recognition society that recognizes and honors alumni and friends who have provided legacy gifts by making provisions for the Southwestern Community College Foundation (SCCF) in their will, naming SCCF as an owner and/or beneficiary of a full life insurance policy, establishing a charitable trust for the benefit of the SCC Foundation, or naming Southwestern Community College Foundation as a beneficiary in their retirement plan.

Ways to Give


Naming the individuals and charities that will receive your assets once you are gone can be a simple process. Most assets can pass to your intended beneficiaries by the terms of your will. Other assets, such as retirement plans, life insurance and insurance annuities, however, are not controlled by the terms of your will. These assets instead require separate beneficiary forms. You may name the SCC Foundation as full or partial beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance or annuities. 

Click here for a story about how to provide a legacy gift.


A Gift in Your Will

We hope you'll consider including a gift to Southwestern Community College Foundation in your will or living trust. Called a charitable bequest, this type of gift offers these main benefits:

  • Simplicity. Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed. Click here for the official language for naming Southwestern Community College in your will (see below).
  • Flexibility. Because you are not actually making a gift until after your lifetime, you can change your mind at any time.
  • Versatility. You can structure the bequest to leave a specific item or amount of money, make the gift contingent on certain events, or leave a percentage of your estate to us.
  • Tax Relief. If your estate is subject to estate tax, your gift is entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift's full value.


Click here for a story about a previous estate planning seminar held by SCC alumnus, Foundation board member and estate attorney, Diane Sherrill. The Foundation plans to host similar seminars in the future - check back soon for more details.

Specimen Will and Bequest Language
Please share the sample bequest language for Southwestern Community College Foundation with your estate planning attorney. Feel free to contact the SCC Foundation Director for further information.

Outright bequests
I/we [name(s)], of [city, state], give, devise and bequeath to Southwestern Community College Foundation, Sylva, North Carolina, ____________dollars or ____________ percentage of my/our estate [or property, securities, etc. [description of the property], to be used as the SCC Foundation Board may direct.

Amendment (codicil) to Last Will and Testament
I/we, [name(s)], hereby amend my/our Last Will and Testament, executed on the _________day of ______________in the year__________. I/we direct that all provisions of that will remain in effect but direct in addition Southwestern Community College Foundation, Sylva, North Carolina,  shall receive the sum of ______________________dollars or ___________ percentage of my/our estate to be used as the SCC Foundation Board may direct.

Members of the 1964 Society:

  • Jim Falbo
  • Angie Noland
  • David Noland
  • Pamala Shirley
  • Edward Wilson
  • Hortense Wilson
  • June Johnson
  • Brett Woods
  • Nancy E. Bergenstock
  • Jennifer L. Nation
  • Joyce Anita Cooper
  • Michael Wade

Have you already provided for SCCF your estate plans? Please let us know by completing this simple form HERE so that we may include you in the 1964 Society and keep you apprised regarding 1964 Society news.

If you have not yet made provisions to include SCCF in your estate plans, we welcome the opportunity to provide additional information concerning your gift or bequest.

For more information regarding the SCCF 1964 Society or ways to leave a legacy, please contact Evan Hatch, Executive Director for Institutional Advancement, at 828.339.4241 or

Note:  The SCC Foundation respects the right of the donor to remain anonymous if desired.  However, the Foundation would like to know of your intentions so that we may ensure that your wishes are carried out precisely by making sure that our files are updated with your information.

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