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Fact Book/Institutional Research and Planning

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Why is Institutional Effectiveness Important? 

Over the past decade, colleges have come under increasing scrutiny by legislative bodies, accrediting agencies and the public in general.  All of these groups are demanding more accountability on the part of individual colleges.  As a result, institutional effectiveness is now a primary consideration at colleges throughout the nation and a central theme to the accreditation process.  In addition, the concept of performance based funding for colleges is gaining momentum and has been implemented to varying degrees in a number of states.  The North Carolina Community College System made an important step in this direction with the implementation of the Performance Measures and Standards. 

While meeting the requirements of these external bodies underscores the importance of institutional effectiveness, the internal applications are even more important.  Institutional effectiveness provides a mechanism whereby a college can assess and improve its programs and services (both academic and administrative).  This enables the college to better serve and meet the needs of its students and other customers.

How is Effectiveness Assessed at SCC?Graphical representation of Institutional Effectiveness

  • Program Review – all programs undergo an annual review process
  • Performance Measures – eight key performance indicators measured annually by the NC Community College System
  • Surveys – national, state and self-assessed

The Economic Value of Selected Individual Programs at Southwestern Community College

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