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Office of Learner Accessibility & Equity

SCC adheres to the federal definition of a disability includes a person who has the following characteristics:

1.     A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities,

2.     A record of such impairment, or

3.     Is regarded as having such impairment.

The determination of whether an individual has a disability under ADA is not based upon the name or diagnosis of the impairment, but rather upon the impact of that impairment on the life/learning of the individual.

At SCC, we are committed to providing equal access to education for students with documented disabilities, and the College is committed to working with students to accommodate their educational development.

The College’s Learner Accessibility & Equity Advocate accommodates and facilitates the provision of services to students with documented disabilities. A student may voluntarily register with the Office of Learner Accessibility & Equity by completing the necessary forms and providing the necessary documentation. It is the responsibility of the student to make their physical or mental disability known and to timely request reasonable academic or physical accommodations. Persons with disabilities are still expected to meet the academic requirements of any course in which the student is enrolled. 

If a student discloses a disability to you or asks for an accommodation, ask them to contact the Learner Accessibility & Equity Advocate, Balsam Center, Room 130; 828.339.4326,

The College’s Office of Learner Accessibility & Equity (LAE) serves to support faculty and academic staff in implementing instructional strategies designed to serve all students, including those with disabilities. For assistance working with diverse students and developing accessible and equitable materials for your classroom, please contact Erin McCully, Director of Learner Accessibility & Equity, Balsam Center, Room 213; 828.331.4398,

·    See the following policies for further information and clarification:

o   Policy 6.04.04 Services For Persons With Disabilities


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