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Congratulations Class of 2020!

May 15 2020

Your journey at Southwestern Community College began with a dream. A dream of becoming more. The first day of class, perhaps far from home, you may have felt lonely, like you were on your own. Certainly during your journey, there were moments of feeling overwhelmed, not sure if you were up to the task.
Along the way, you gathered your people – your SCC family. There were new friends in the same boat. You struggled together, laughed together. There were faculty who saw your potential – pushing, stretching you to higher levels, simultaneously tough and compassionate. They knew what you could become.
Your SCC journey is not ending in the way we all hoped, in Myers Auditorium, surrounded by friends and family, celebrating, but that does not lessen your accomplishment. YOU DID THIS! That dream of becoming more is no longer a dream. You are forever changed, ready to reach out and MOVE. THE. WORLD. From this day forward, you are forever a Southwestern Community College graduate.