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Student of the Week: Arlene Christian

Jan 31 2019
Our Student of the Week is... Arlene Christian! Arlene is on track to complete the Nurse Aide program in June 2019.

"The love I have in caring for people motivated me to continue my studies in nursing. When I started the Nurse Aide program in August 2018 at Southwestern Community College, I met Mrs. Donna Pruitt-Conner who was one of my course instructors and also my advisor. Mrs. Pruitt-Conner inspired me by her professional manner and the way she cared. This gave me the drive to complete this next level of my education in this field."

"The fear of going back to school posed a great challenge, but I managed to overcome my fears with help of my advisor and mentor Mrs. Pruitt-Conner who went beyond her call of duty in making sure that her students are well equipped, and have a firm understanding of what is required of them in their career and at SCC."

"One piece of advice that I give to current and potential students who have the desire to further their education at SCC is that you have to have self-motivation. Amid any challenges, whether personal or financial, SCC faculty and staff have all the required tools and give their guidance to assist in these areas of interest. Giving up is not an option. With patience and a lot of faith, anyone can excel to the top."

Congratulations, Arlene!