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Student of the week: Mandy Couch

Nov 5 2019
Woman and her son posed for a selfie outdoors underneath a tree.Our student of the week is Mandy Couch! She will be graduating this December with an Associate in General Education. She is aspiring to join the nursing program.

We asked Mandy a few questions about herself and what inspires her:

Who is one of your role models? How has that person helped with your educational journey?
My role model is actually my little brother. In all honesty, he is my hero. I have watched him struggle to achieve his dreams and accomplish his goals. I am the survivor of domestic violence, and my brother is the one who saved me. He has helped me along my educational journey by helping me stay focused during difficult times.

What motivates you to excel at SCC in spite of difficult circumstances you may face?
My son is the one thing that motivates me to keep going, to cross the finish line and to continue moving forward. I want him to see that even through life's biggest struggles and tragedies, we can make our situation better. We can make our life better, but in order to do that, we have to stand up from whatever has knocked us down. We must continue to climb. I want to show him what hard work and determination can do, even when life gets rough.

What advice would you give to other students who face tough challenges?
It would be to not lose focus of your dreams and goals. Every day, challenge yourself to do better than yesterday. When things in life become too tough, keep your goal in sight. You can turn your dreams into realities by always having faith. 

Congratulations, Mandy! We can't wait to see you walk across that stage in December.