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Added and dropped courses may be completed by advisors during the course’s add/drop period. Please note that the add/drop period varies by course.

During the period, complete drops and adds in the same Colleague RGN screen session to avoid additional charges to the student. (Ex. If 3 hours are dropped and 3 hours are added at the same time on RGN, no changes to billing. If 3 hours are dropped and RGN is saved out, then RGN is re-opened and 3 hours are added, billing is affected.)

Student Initiated Withdrawals

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the withdrawal process. Students are urged to speak with their instructor, advisor, and Financial Aid to confirm any possible repercussions of withdrawing. If a student stops attending class and does not request an official withdrawal, the student’s final grade may be an “F.” A possible exception would be an “AW” if the conditions for an administrative withdrawal are met before the deadline.

To withdraw from a course(s), a student can log into MySCC and select the Online Withdrawal icon. These requests are processed by the Registrar’s Office. If a student requests the withdrawal(s) by the official withdrawal date for the semester (published in the Academic Calendar), the grade received will be a “W.” Learn how to use the new withdrawal form here.

If a student seeks to withdraw from a course(s) after the official withdrawal date, the possibility of an Administrative Withdrawal may be discussed with the instructor. Otherwise, a late withdrawal request may possibly be granted under extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness or job transfer, and will be considered on an individual basis by the instructor and Dean. It is the student’s responsibility to provide compelling documentation for this request.

Administrative Withdrawals

Any student who has been absent for two consecutive weeks in a 16-week term or one week in shorter academic terms will be administratively withdrawn from the course. A student in an online or hybrid course will be administratively withdrawn following two consecutive weeks in a 16-week term (or one week in shorter academic terms) of missed assignments, missed attendance (for hybrid) and lack of communication with the instructor regarding course participation. Consistent with policies establishing attendance in online courses, logging into a course site but failing to perform the aforementioned actions does not constitute attendance per Policy 6.02.01.

Administrative withdrawals will be allowed up to the published Administrative Withdrawal deadline each semester (approximately the 85% point of the semester). Thereafter, the earned grade will be posted. Students will receive notification when an administrative withdrawal has been processed and a grade of "AW" will reflect on the student's transcript.

Both grades of “W” or “AW” will not influence the grade point average for the semester. However, withdrawing from courses could affect a student’s eligibility for financial aid. Students who receive financial aid should always consult their financial aid officer before withdrawing from a course. Withdrawn courses are subject to the refund policies of the Business Office. Withdrawing from a course, regardless of the circumstances, does not result in a tuition refund of any amount.

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