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SCC Branding and Marketing Guidelines

Representing SCC with Pride

On January 24, 2013, we announced the launch of our current college logo for Southwestern Community College. In addition to the logo, a set of Branding Standards was developed to provide a solid foundation for consistent application of our brand across all media.

Faculty and staff should ensure that the new logo appears on all internal and external College documents (communications, forms, etc.). We must all own the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of our new visual identity and representing our new identity with pride and enthusiasm. How we treat our logo within our College will directly affect our image and professionalism as perceived by the external community.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Stiles, Coordinator of Advertising and Graphic Design, at 339.4267 or

Logo Guidelines

Guidelines have been developed to establish verbal and visual standards to ensure that Southwestern Community College portrays a consistent brand image and message throughout all communications.  The projection of a strong, consistent image reinforces the stability, unity, and mission of the brand.

Embracing and following the Brand Identity Guidelines will be advantageous to the entire College, enabling us to achieve distinction, clarity, and effectiveness in all print and electronic communications. 

We encourage all employees (faculty and staff), affiliates, and vendors to comply with the guidelines, embracing the identity and brand standards with pride and enthusiasm.

These standards apply to all Southwestern Community College publications, websites, apparel, and other merchandise, which includes flyers, posters, and other marketing collateral produced for the College. Please coordinate any/all of these projects with our Public Relations Office and our Coordinator of Advertising & Graphic Design.

Outside printers, designers, third-party vendors must follow the Brand Identity Guidelines, when producing work for the College.

Please download and review the “Brand Identity Guidelines” (PDF). This is mandatory for anyone that will be using the new logo.  Please bookmark this webpage.  Any changes to the style guide will be made here.

Use of the Logo

Please do not use any previous logo versions, as these are inaccurate representations of the College as it stands today. This includes the previous Southwestern Community College wordmark logo, the block initials SCC with trees, as well as the College seal. If you notice an older logo appearing on College documents, please replace it with the new logo or notify the appropriate department. 

For detailed guidelines on the use and placement of the logo, along with color specifications and other style guidelines, please read the Southwestern Community College Brand Identity Guidelines. 

At this time, it is impossible to cover all of the possible uses and applications of the new identity; therefore, the Brand Identity Guidelines is intended to be an introduction and a guide to the basic components of the Brand identity.  Implementation of these standards will develop greater awareness of the Southwestern Community College brand as a whole.

Please contact the Graphic Artist for assistance with logos or to provide you with the proper logo size to fit your needs other than those provided. 

A signature logo that incorporates your department or unit name is available upon request.  

Logo Files

The logo is provided below for download in EPS and JPG formats.

  • To add this image to your outgoing email signature, please follow these instructions.

Departmental Letterhead & Business Card Requests





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