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Eclipse 2017 - The Great American Eclipse

NASA 2017 Eclipse LogoA Smoky Mountains Eclipse Logo

A map of time of totality for western North Carolina.
The Smoky Mountains Eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a total solar eclipse from the beauty atop of Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

This event featured guest speaker scientists from around the world, Cherokee storytelling regarding the cultural significance of Clingmans Dome and the solar eclipse, interpretative dance and musical performances; all of which will be streamed live by the NASA 360 team.

Please visit the following sites for more info about the eclipse:

  • For official NASA Safety guidelines, as well as a plethora of information regarding eclipse events, please visit the NASA website.
  • Earth to Sky is producing a series of webinars where you can learn more about the eclipse and how to interpret what you are viewing. This is an excellent, FREE resource for formal and informal educators alike.  It does require you to register for the site to access the content but the registration is free and short.
  • The 2017 Eclipse page for the American Astronomical Society.

Eclipse Live Streams

  • Live Streaming from SCC's Jackson Campus here.
  • Live Streaming of our high altitude balloon team is available here.


Total Solar Eclipse over Southwestern Community College.
Credit: Matt Zeher / North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
Total eclipse image taken August 21, 2017 at Southwestern Community College in Sylva, NC.

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