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Summer Camps

We are offering FUN and ENGAGING opportunities for middle and high school students this summer! Check out all of our listings below!

Arts & Crafts

For more information on the following classes please contact: Jeff Marley, Director of Personal Enrichment & Heritage Arts at 828.366.2005 or

Register online HERE.

Looking for adult classes? Here is a current listing of Heritage Arts and Personal Enrichment classes.



Intro to Clay
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 1.5
Cost: $30/Cost of materials is included
Location: Swain Center, Room 125
Dates/Times: M  •  June 3  OR  July 8  OR  Aug. 5 •  11A – 12:30P
Instructor: J. Marley
Play in the clay and get your hands dirty! We will hand build a pinch pot cup and form a bowl from slabs. Students will select their glazes for firing after class. Pottery will be ready to pick up within two weeks. Great for all ages! Prereq: None




Intro to Model Railroading
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 2
Cost: $30
Location: Swain Center, Room 101
Dates/Times: M  •  June 10 •  10A-12P
Instructor: J. Marley
We’ll discuss the basics of model railroading including scale, equipment, and what you need to get started. We’ll also check out two tiny layouts built by the instructor. Ages 10 and up.




Sketch & Relax
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 1
Cost: $23/Cost of materials not included
Location: Swain Center, Room 102 & Gazebo
Dates/Times: Th  •  June 3  OR  Aug. 5  •  1-2P
Instructor: J. Marley
Sketch a variety of subjects found in nature while focusing on relaxing through breathing and concentration techniques. Great for individuals with beginning to intermediate drawing skills. Students should bring a sketchbook, pencils, pens, and any other drawing materials they would like to use. Ages 8 and up. Prereq: None




Kids Sign Language Camp
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 6
Cost: $47
Location: Macon Campus, Room 215
Dates/Times: M T W Th  •  June 3-6  •  10 – 11:30A
Instructor: S. Adams
For ages 8 years and up. This course is designed for young students interested in American Sign Language (ASL). Students will learn over 50 signs to use in everyday life. Participants will connect to ASL through actives, games, and lessons. Lessons incorporated are the ASL Alphabet, fingerspelling, greetings, introduction, ASL numbers, basic conversation words/phrases, feelings, colors, and more.




Primitive Cooking
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 3
Cost: $42/Cost of materials included
Location: Swain Center, Outdoor Classroom
Dates/Times: Th  •  July 11 •  1-4P
Instructor: J. Gottlieb
Make delicious snacks and meals the natural way, using the campfire and utensils made from wood, stone, leaves, seashells, etc. Bring your taste buds and your appetite! Cost of materials included. Ages 10 and up.


Woodcarving & Knife Safety
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 3
Cost: $37
Location: Swain Center, room 102
Dates/Times: Th  •  June 13 •  1-4P
Instructor: J. Gottlieb
Learn how to use knives safely and effectively to make a selection of cool, useful wooden objects. Cost of materials included. Ages 12 and up.


Baskets for Kids
Course Code: CSP 4000
Course Hours: 3
Cost: $42/Cost of materials included
Location: Swain Center, room 102
Dates/Times: Th  •  June 27 •  1-4P
Instructor: J. Gottlieb
We’ll make some clever and useful simple baskets to introduce beginners to the art basket making. Materials will include wild vines and other items found in nature. Cost of materials included. Ages 10 and up.



Small Business Center

Spots will go fast so call or email now! The fee for the camp is $50 per camper and we will accept the first 20 students to register.

Please contact the SBC at 828.339.4426 or email or to secure your spot and for registration instructions.

Registration ends June 15.  


Be a Trep! Youth Entrepreneurship Camp
For any rising 6th - 9th grade students
Dates/Times: July 8 - 11 • 9A - 3P
Location: Southwestern Community College, Jackson Campus

Be a Trep! Youth Entrepreneurship Camp is back! This summer join your local Small Business Center for a week-long youth entrepreneurship camp. 


Student objectives:

~Gain insight into the entrepreneurship and business fields

~Learn what it takes to turn an idea or passion into a product or career

~Meet and learn from real entrepreneurs

~Create and develop business ideas in a fun environment

~Pitch a business idea to a panel of judges

~Make new friends

The purpose of this camp is to teach entrepreneurship as a viable career option, teach business skills, and give students the opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Through fun games, activities, group projects, and a business simulation, students will learn business and marketing strategy, teamwork, and essential problem-solving and leadership skills.

Every day is filled with interesting and challenging activities to help students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and creating a startup business. Each student develops an idea for a business that he or she can start individually or as a group, and on the final day will pitch the idea in front of a panel of judges in the form of a contest.

Parents will be invited to the student's ‘Business Pitch Party’ on the last day of camp Thursday, July 11 at 1 pm. Lunch will be provided each day, but please bring refillable water bottles. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation.


For more information on the following classes please contact Randi Neff, Project Coordinator, Smoky Mountain STEM Collaborative at 828.339.4357 or


Robotics Camp
Dates/Times: June 12 - 16 • 8:30 - 11:30A
Cost: $50
Location: Balsam Center, room 253
Led by Smoky Mountain High School’s First Lego team. Open to middle school students. 



Dates/Times: June 14 - 28 • 8A - 1P
Cost: FREE
Location: Smokey Mountain Elementary School

Open to middle school students. Students will do a variety of activities and challenges, including NASA engineering problems and a dissection. Students will work in teams to earn badges while learning fun, new skills. Includes breakfast and lunch. 

Click here for more information.



PARI Camps

Teacher recommendation is required for acceptance into the PARI Camps.

Exoplanet Exploration
Dates/Times: June 11 - 22
Cost: $50 registration fee + transportation to camp
Location: Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute’s campus in Rosman

Open to middle school students in public, charter, private and home schools in Jackson, Macon, Swain Counties and the Qualla Boundary.

Do you like challenges? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel the warmth of another star or breathe the air of a different planet?   Campers will stretch their problem-solving skills, learn space science, and work with real data to find planets around other stars. They’ll then plan a mission and strive to send their team to a planet beyond our solar system in this combination of role-play and academic camp with a focus on engineering and identification of exoplanets.

Campers will prioritize mission goals, design spacecraft and instruments, choose a capable and diverse crew, and navigate funding and ethical challenges in this scenario to choose their planet and launch their Exoplanet Exploration.


Above & Beyond
Dates/Times: July 2 - 13
Cost: $50 registration fee + transportation to camp
Location: Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute’s campus in Rosman
Open to high school students in public, charter, private and home schools in Jackson, Macon, Swain Counties and the Qualla Boundary.

Above and Beyond is PARI’s signature camping experience designed to immerse high school students in the world of space science and research while building confidence and critical thinking skills. The process followed by scientists and researchers who’ve made space science their career is modeled to show how new discoveries are made about the universe.  Campers are provided the tools and guided through the process by professionals who have made space their life’s work. From determining the expansion speed of a supernova remnant, to characterizing an exo-planet or finding evidence of dark matter; your data will reveal and your conclusions will add to humanity’s knowledge of the universe!




For more information on the following class please contact Angie Dills at 828.586.2311 or

To sign-up please complete the following link:


Sylva Healthcare Careers
The following camp is only available to students in Jackson County Public Schools
Dates/Times: June 12 - 16 • 9A - 12:30P
Location: Don Tomas Health Sciences Center

For rising 9th and 12th grade students. Sponsored in partnership with SCC and Jackson County Public Schools, explore health science careers in an immersive hands-on experience with a focus on patient simulation activities. This camp will follow four patient scenarios from diagnosis through the entire health team through emergency medical science, medical assisting, sonography, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and others! Learn from real SCC instructors about treating simulated patients in healthcare!

* Lunch will be provided

*Parents will be responsible for providing transportation

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