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Why and When to See an Advisor

Why – and when – you should see a University Transfer Advising Center (UTAC) Advisor:

  • Add or drop a class.
  • (Schedule adjustment period at the beginning of the term.)
  • Build your Academic Plan. 
  • (During your first semester.)
  • Discuss and complete withdrawal from a course.
  • (Any time before the published deadline.)
  • Examine options when you having trouble in a course.
  • (Sooner is better than later!)
  • Find information about universities.
  • (Any time in the semester.)
  • Get help dealing with a personal or family emergency.
  • (As needed; let us know.)
  • Learn more about college policies and procedures.
  • (Any time you aren’t sure.)
  • Pick courses for the upcoming semester.
  • (Class schedules are usually posted mid-October & mid-March.)
  • Register for classes.  Bring this folder and a draft schedule with you!
  • (The best time is Priority Registration week – check SCC’s calendar.)
  • Submit a Commencement Application.
  • (Before published deadline of your final semester.)
  • Track your progress in accomplishing your academic goals.
  • (Anytime you are wondering!)
  • Update your Academic Plan.
  •  (Anytime you change your schedule or goals.)
  • Visit with university representatives. 

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