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Macon Campus

Macon Campus

Executive Dean of Instructional Services
Photo of Mark Ellison
Dean of Students
Bethany Emory
Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
Photo of Ed Nagy
Student Services Director - Macon, History Instructor
Photo of Jande Clayton
Administrative Assistant - Macon Campus
Photo of Rebecca Branden
English Instructor
Photo of Stephen Hesselbirg
Psychology Instructor
Photo of Michael McIntosh
Biology Instructor
Elaine Merritt
Mathematics Instructor; Interim Director of Macon Campus Operations

Macon Campus Part-Time Employees

Adjunct Instructor - Music, ACA
Adjunct Instructor - English, Humanities
Adjunct Instructor - Health
Tutor Level III - Macon
Adjunct Instructor - Math; Tutor Level III- Macon
Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Macon Campus
Part-Time Administrative Assistant - Macon
Adjunct Instructor - Communications
Adjunct Instructor - Spanish
Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Tutor Level III - Macon
Tutor Level III - Macon
Adjunct Instructor - Education; Part-Time Macon…

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