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Assistive Technology

Student Disability Services has a variety of equipment available to loan to students who may
need technical or specialized assistance. We also provide training and support with these
products in collaboration with SCC’s IT Department and software providers.

A current list of available resources is provided below. For questions or assistance in accessing
these, please contact the SDS Coordinator at 828.339.4326 or

Read&Write 12 (screen reading and writing program)
Read&Write is a literacy support software that offers help with everyday tasks like reading text
out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written
work. It is installed on every campus computer at SCC and is available as a download for all
enrolled students, staff, and faculty. To learn more or download the software and user guides,
see the Read&Write information page.

Livescribe Smartpen Technology (high tech writing and recording tool)
SDS has a limited number Echo Smartpens and notebooks available for students to use for note-
taking support in their classes. Smartpens capture audio recording of class lectures and
discussions while the student is writing in a specialized notebook which contains dot paper that
works like a type of GPS. The smartpen’s high-speed infrared camera reads the tiny micro-dots
on the paper and can play back specific parts of the recording that relates to their notes
without the need to re-play the entire class session.

C·Pen Reader·Pen / C·Pen Exam·Reader
Pen scanners are available through the SDS office to support independent learning for students
who need texts to be read aloud. These devices use patented camera technology and Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) software to capture and process printed text. Students scan text
and it appears in a program on their computer to allow for marking text, making notes, defining
terms, and recording voice memos.

Phonak Roger Pen & Roger MyLink (FM hearing system)
The Roger Pen and MyLink provide individualized support for use with any hearing aid
containing a T-Coil (from Phonak or any other manufacturer). The speaker uses the Roger Pen
as a microphone (either laying nearby or wearing on a lanyard around their neck) which
transmits their voice to the listener’s hearing aids through the Roger MyLink (a small receiver
hanging from a lanyard worn around their neck) through an FM frequency.

Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board (convert information from visual to tactile)
SDS provides this device in combination with special drawing film and a stylus to create
textured, raised line drawings for individuals who are blind, have visual impairments, or have
specific learning disabilities. It is helpful for creating accessible images of graphics, such as
demonstrating math and science concepts, creating art drawings, tracing pictures, and playing

Swivl (video data capture)
Swivl is a video capture system used in HyFlex classes at SCC that allows teachers to use
asynchronous recording and live streaming for class sessions. It is also available for students
with specific disabilities to provide flexible learning options for those who may need support in
accessing class content or alternate methods for participation.

FUSION Software (JAWS - Job Access With Speech & ZoomText) (computer screen reader & screen magnifier)
SDS provides this software which combines the powerful screen reading capability of JAWS and screen
magnification of ZoomText for users who need visual support to read information on the computer. It is
installed in strategic campus locations such as Holt Library, the Learning Assistance Centers, testing
rooms, and other academic support units on the Jackson and Macon campuses.

If you are using assistive technology and cannot access this information, please contact the webmaster to request an alternative format.