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Registering for Disability Services


1. Apply to Southwestern Community College.

  • Disclosing your disability in the application process is not required and will not impact your admission decision.

2. After receiving notice that you have been officially admitted as a Southwestern Community College student,

  • Meet with your assigned advisor to register for classes, and
  • Contact the Student Disability Services (SDS) coordinator to begin the SDS registration process and to get details about documentation requirements.

3. When you have your documentation (or have been notified that documentation has been received by SDS), schedule an appointment to meet in person (or by phone) with the coordinator to:

  • Review your disability documentation,
  • Complete a “Request for Accommodations” form,
  • Discuss your disability related needs and determine what reasonable accommodations you may request during the current or upcoming semester,
  • Sign an official “Accommodation Letter” which informs your instructors that you are a student with a documented disability who is eligible for the indicated accommodations.

4. Provide your instructors with a signed copy of your accommodation letter and communicate with each instructor to address concerns such as:

  • Instructor need for clarification about an accommodation
  • Instructor/student need for a communication plan to ensure your accommodation requests will be implemented in a timely manner
  • Consideration of any additional resources (material, environmental, technology, etc.) that may be necessary to provide a particular accommodation.


  • It is ultimately your decision as to whether or not you will request accommodations in a particular class.
  • An instructor cannot legally provide accommodations without first receiving a signed accommodation letter.
  • An instructor must receive the accommodation letter in a timely manner to ensure the availability of any required additional resources.
  • Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.
  • If you will need an accommodation for a college placement test or for New Student Orientation, contact the SDS coordinator well in advance of your scheduled test or orientation event.

Janina DeHart
Student Disability Services Coordinator
Balsam Center, Room 129A
Phone: 828-339-4326

If you are using assistive technology and cannot access this information, please contact the webmaster to request an alternative format.