Disability Services

Assistive Technology

Read&Write (screen reading and writing program)
• R&W Download
• R&W for Windows Beginner’s Guide
• R&W for Mac Beginners Guide

Livescribe Smartpen Technology (high tech writing and recording tool)
• Echo Smartpen Introduction
• Echo Smartpen Demos
• Echo Smartpen Basics Guide
• Echo Smartpen Complete User Guide

C·Pen Reader·Pen / C·Pen Exam·Reader

Phonak Roger Pen & Roger MyLink (FM hearing system)
• Roger Pen User Guide
• Roger MyLink User Guide

Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board (convert information from visual to tactile)
• Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board Description

Swivl (video data capture)
• Swivl at SCC

JAWS - Job Access With Speech (computer screen reader)

ZoomText (screen magnifier)
• ZoomText at SCC