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Is Online Learning Right For Me?

If you are considering taking online / web-centered courses at SCC, we encourage you to consider the following information to ensure your success:

Being an online student means:

  • Checking your email daily for messages from your instructors and classmates.
  • Informing your instructors immediately if you are experiencing any problems or have questions (if you don't understand something let us know).
  • Loading software required by your instructors.
  • Reading and writing more than a student taking face-to-face courses – having confidence in these skills is important.
  • Scheduling your time wisely (Online courses have WEEKLY deadlines, are NOT self-paced and often require interaction with classmates).
  • Understanding terms like email, discussion boards, Instant Messenger, podcasts, etc.

What Equipment You Will Need:

Successful online students rely heavily on their computers to complete their coursework. Please consider the following computer requirements before pursuing this degree.
  • Own a computer rather than using someone else's to complete online courses. For online programs, plan to be on your computer at least 20 hours a week throughout the program. Online students should check with the head of the program of study to determine what additional software is required.
  • Your computer should be in good working order and up-to-date. Instructors may require additional downloads in order to complete assignments (such as free PDF readers, Flash to play video, etc.). Online instructors do not give extensions for work that is not completed because your computer is not working.
  • Some courses require a microphone so that you can talk to your instructors and classmates. This can be either a microphone built into your computer or an external microphone or headset.
  • You need a strong and reliable Internet connection. Plan to download attachments, listen to sound files, stream video and have conversations over your computer. Your Internet connection should allow you to do these things with ease. 
  • You should have MS Word on your computer, and we strongly recommend Excel and PowerPoint as well. SCC students can sign up for Microsoft Office 365 for free at Online instructors accept written assignments as Word documents, text files or PDF files. 
Online Learning Tips and Resources:

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