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Sample Projects

Subject Student Project Term
English Valerie Faith Dillard

Paper: The Green-Eyed Monster of Jealousy

2019 Fall
Biology Alyssa Rowe Presentation: TGN1412 and The Safety of Biologics Multimedia Presentation 2020 Fall
Humanities Sera Cass Paper: Examination of Loki: Marvel versus Myth 2020 Spring
Respiratory Therapy
Judd Gregory Paper:  The Utilization of Respiratory Therapist Driven Protocols and Impact on Patient Outcomes 2020 Spring
Respiratory Therapy Amanda Stanfield Paper:  Effects of Drowning on the Body 2020 Fall
Spanish Richard Creasy Paper and Presentation: Spanish Guitar: Classical and Mariachi 2019 Fall
Web Technologies and Calculus Wesley Walker Calculus Practice Website 2019 Spring
Web Technologies Joey Peters Web App for local Museum 2020 Spring

Advice For Future Participants:

  • To future participants, my advice to you is to choose a project topic wisely as it needs to be something about your field of study/future career that interests you as a lot of time will be spent researching and spending time around others who work in that field. Also, make sure to carve out time in your schedule each week to work on the project in addition to your existing studies
  • ...My advice to future honor students is to go for it. It is a great opportunity for you to learn and become a better student and it also really fun to learn about something you choose to learn about...
  • Make sure you plan out the due dates and times well because it can catch up on you really fast and the due date can surprise you quicker than expected. Also, make sure it is something you actually care about and wanna learn more on.
  • Advice I would give to students who complete this project in the future would be to talk to your professor about it because they are very helpful and supportive. I would also advise them to create due dates for each portion of the project. I found that this was very helpful in keeping me on track.
  • If I had to give someone advice it would most likely be to get started on the project early so that you do not have to rush when the due date comes close. 

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