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Style Guide

The purpose of this style guide is to offer students and faculty members a place to easily access information about writing within an academic setting.  It is our hope that students and faculty alike use this resource for its ultimate purpose – to support student writing across the curriculum. 
Effective oral and written communications skills are necessities for success in all areas of the modern world.  Opportunities for advancement in today’s global markets increase significantly for individuals who master the art of clear communication. The successful writer, therefore, must possess skills sufficient to

  1. create informative, insightful analysis;
  2. effectively manipulate language in the compilation of documents such as resumes, portfolios, proposals, reports and letters;
  3. correctly research and document information; and
  4. carefully edit and produce error-free copy.

Southwestern Community College recognizes and values these truths and is committed to helping students improve their communications skills; today’s pupils are tomorrow’s professionals. 

The Writing Across the Curriculum program would like to thank the faculty members of the English department for their efforts in creating much of the material you will see in this style guide.  They were influential in the production of the original, printed version of the SCC style guide, and, without their help, this online version would not be possible.


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