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Resumes have many purposes, and they are important to college students and professionals at every point of their journey. First and primarily, resumes promote an applicant’s education, credentials, experience, and skills in order to land an interview and then a job. They also serve as a capture point for all that a student does in college or a professional achieves in a career. For a new student or aspiring professionals, they may function as a sort of planning document or map, presenting experience sections or headings that may benefit from being enlarged with more related experience, needed certifications, beneficial skills, service, or leadership. Resumes are dynamic, “living” documents that change and grow with a person. Students may also have more than one version of their resume, if their goals or options are varied.
SCC offers an extraordinary level of assistance: By working with a career counselor to build, improve, update, or customize a resume, students will gain more than just formatting, editing, or proofreading guidance. In discussion, your career goals and related experiences will be connected in such a way that impacts the order in which content is presented, descriptive headings, and actual language throughout the document. It is a collaborative and educational process and is unlike any other writing project being critiqued by a tutor or evaluated for a grade as independent scholarship. Ultimately, a resume will be judged by an employer in a real-world setting with real-life consequences and rewards.

  • Start a draft resume (here are some Sample Resumes that show variations of degrees and types of experience, just to demonstrate format), and then set up an appointment at Career Services (828-339-4352). Don't let a poorly constructed resume with grammatical errors derail your job search. DO NOT USE AN ONLINE TEMPLATE!
  • View a resume-writing tutorial under ONLINE PRESENTATIONS.
  • Students can also attend workshops and seminars to gain resume writing and related job search knowledge and skills.
  • Refer to our Cover Letter page to learn how to write your very own cover letter, and get it proofread by a Career Counselor

Resume Writing Resources and Samples: 

SCC Career Services tips with Job Searching in Western North Carolina:

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