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Ad-Hoc Benefits Committee

The Ad-Hoc Benefits Committee provides for ongoing review of Southwestern's employee benefits offerings by investigating benefits options, publishing RFPs for various benefit options and evaluating RFP responses to acquire optimal benefit products for administrators, faculty and staff of the college. The committee is comprised of a cross-section of faculty, staff and administration and includes members with varying benefit needs to ensure cross-functional communications and decision-making.

  • Chair - Sheryl Monroe, Employment and Benefits Specialist
  • Amanda Allen, Human Resources Administrator
  • Jennifer Barfield, Office Administration/Medical Office Administration Lead Instructor
  • Nan Coulter, Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees
  • Lisa Kim Fisher (ex-officio), Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Bryan Singleton, Director of Human Resources
  • Tony Sutton, Maintenance Technician
  • Anna Walls, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Coordinator/Instructor

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