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Chemical Hygiene Committee

Subjects addressed include but are not limited to, minimization of stored chemicals, hazardous chemical disposal, laboratory health and safety issues and regulatory compliance.

  • Chair – Deanne Oppermann, Chemical Hygiene Officer/Chemistry Instructor
  • Tyler Dixon, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Lisa Kim Fisher, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Kristen Holt, JCEC Representative
  • Brian Kane, Fine Arts Department Chair/Instructor
  • Michael McIntosh, Biology Instructor
  • Todd Moses, HVAC Mechanic
  • Megan Nicholson, Emergency Services/Safety Coordinator
  • Vacant, Biology Instructor

​*Due to significant or inherent hazards, certain chemical experiments or procedures may require prior approval. Prior approval for the purchase of a chemical or the exercise of a procedure or experiment shall be the responsibility of the Chemical Hygiene Officer.

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