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Retirement Committee

The Retirement Committee will provide advice, guidance and planning to organize and execute events to recognize and honor retirees for their service to the institution.

  • Chair - Lisa Sizemore, Director of Human Resources
  • Amanda Allen, Human Resources Administrator
  • Betsy Clayton, Administrative Assistant - Instruction & Student Services
  • Nan Coulter, Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees
  • Chris Cox, English Instructor
  • Bucky Dann, Sociology Instructor
  • Susan Kimel, Physical Therapy Instructor
  • Shawn Ohtani, Library Assistant
  • Melanie Phillips, College & Career Readiness Coordinator
  • John Robinson, Culinary Technology Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Megan Stiles, Coordinator of Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Renea Winchester, Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Services, Swain

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