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SACSCOC Fifth-Year Ad-Hoc Committee

The SACSCOC Fifth-Year Ad-Hoc Committee is responsible for preparing the Fifth-Year Interim Report. That report entails an analysis of college policies, procedures, and practices to demonstrate ongoing compliance with selected standards of accreditation, and the results of the implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

  • Chair: Barbara Putman, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Kristan Blanton, Director of Enrollment Management
  • Sayward Cabe, Director of Financial Aid
  • Cheryl Contino-Conner, Dean of Students
  • Cheryl Davids, Dean of Macon Campus
  • Savannah DeHart, Director of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Mike Despeaux, Director of Career Services
  • Curtis Dowdle, Dean of Public Safety
  • Mark Ellison, Dean of Students
  • Bethany Emory, Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
  • Lisa Kim Fisher, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Melissa Hyatt, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Clyanne Hyde, Director of Student Records/Registrar
  • Wanda Knight, Institutional Research and Planning Associate
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • Megan Nicholson, Emergency Services/Safety Coordinator

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