Counseling Services

Counseling at SCC


SCC’s College Counselor, Peter Buck, is available to help students with a number of issues including:


stress,   test-taking issues,   anxiety,   procrastination,   motivation,   family issues,   gender identity,   relationships,   anger,   depression,   trauma,   aspects of ADD,   recovery support,   breaking habits,   sustainable high-performance,   thriving,   and other issues.


Counseling services are free – and can be done Face-to-Face, by Video Meeting, or by phone.  Students are usually seen in individual sessions or small group sessions.
If you don’t have privacy elsewhere, both the Macon and Swain campuses have dedicated rooms with computers set up for counseling video meetings. 

Peter Buck also helps students get services from counselors and agencies in the area… like REACH, DSS, Meridian or Appalachian, and MYgroup. If a student is already working with a doctor or counselor outside of SCC, we can help set up appropriate supplemental support at SCC... such as providing safe places and people to meet with if things get overwhelming – or providing coaching focused on your issues and how to do well at SCC

If it is helpful, Peter will not only work with you, but also talk with your instructors so we can all work together to support your success at SCC.


 Peter says: 

          “While focusing on whatever issue a student is wrestling with, I also aim to help lower stress and anxiety levels.  

          We all work better when we feel a little calmer and our minds are a bit clearer."


         "School can be challenging but there are ways to do it with more clarity, calmness, and enjoyment… and a lot less stress.”



The College Counselor Office is on the ground floor of the Balsam Center, room 129A. 

Call Peter Buck at 828.339.4243 or e-mail pbuck[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu