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Proctoring exams is a valuable service that Jackson and Macon staff offer SCC faculty members and SCC students. Instructors of Web-Centered and Hybrid courses email completed proctoring sheets to with confidence that their students will take online tests in a comfortable, quiet, monitored environment.


  • Call 828.339.4325 or email to schedule a testing appointment on the Jackson Campus. Call 828.306.7028 or email to schedule on the Macon Campus.
  • Non-SCC students who need exam proctoring should call 828.339.4332.
  • You MUST show a photo I.D. in order to test. 
  • You need to check in on the kiosk with your MySCC username and password. Often, you will use this information to test in Moodle.
  • Ensure that you also have login information for exams taken in other software. 
  • Leave in your vehicle items that are not allowed—such as cell phone, headphones, ear plugs, electronic wrist watches, etc. Otherwise, they will be secured in a locker. 
  • The “white noise machine” in the Testing Room is turned on to reduce distractions for all test-takers.
  • Scratch paper is collected, attached to each completed sign-in sheet, and sent to the instructor.

You must allow enough time to complete an exam before the centers close. 


  • Students must email or a minimum of one week ahead to make appointments, for the Testing Room is shared with individuals taking High School Equivalency and other College and Career Readiness exams.
  • A completed Exam Proctoring Information Sheet must be in your proctoring file at least 24 hours before students arrive to test in order to resolve any issues. 
  • Instructors must allow students at least a week to take proctored exams, to avoid overloading staff. 
  • Please remind students that NO exam will be proctored without a photo I.D. Also, they need to bring materials allowed during testing, including log-in information.
  • Exam Proctoring is provided to Hybrid and Online courses; however, the occasional online makeup exam for Web-Supported and Traditional classes may be accommodated based on availability. Please call or email the appropriate Coordinator to discuss specifics.
  • If you wish to extend the end date of the exam window, email or call the Jackson Coordinator at 828.339.4325 and the Macon Coordinator at 828.306.7028 twenty-four hours in advance. Otherwise, after a deadline has passed, the Exam Proctoring Information Sheet will be removed from your proctoring file. 
  • If a testing student is observed to be using internet sites not permitted, the staff member will give the student a warning that it is up to the instructor whether or not the exam will be accepted and then will add the information in the “Comments” section of the sign-in sheet, which will be sent to you. Also, he/she will alert the Coordinator, who, in turn, will contact you. If you wish, the Coordinator may request video footage from IT. 

If you are using assistive technology and cannot access this information, please contact the webmaster to request an alternative format.