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Learning Assistance Center Exam Proctoring

Proctoring exams is a valuable service that the Jackson and Macon LACs offer SCC faculty members and students. Instructors of Web-Centered and Hybrid courses may leave tests in their LAC proctoring file with confidence that their students will take them in a comfortable, quiet, monitored environment. Also, the LACs proctor the occasional makeup exam for Web-Supported and Traditional classes as well as for students who are allowed extra testing time via an Educational Support Plan (ESP) created by the Student Disability Services Coordinator; students then share the form with their instructors. Note that the Jackson LAC Testing Room also is a certified Pearson VUE High School Equivalency Testing Center; for information, call 828.339.4486.


Click here to complete and send the Exam Proctoring Information Sheet

NOTE: Instructors must allow students at least a week to take proctored exams to avoid overloading Learning Consultants and the Testing Room. Individuals taking the High School Equivalency exam have appointments and arrive in a group by bus, so space is reserved for them. Thank you!

•    A completed Exam Proctoring Information Sheet must be in your LAC file 24 hours before students arrive to test. This allows LAC staff members to ask questions and resolve any issues—such as blank spots on a hard-copy exam—ahead of time, decreasing students’ anxiety.
•    Instructors must supply Scantrons for tests that require their use.
•    Please remind students that NO exam will be proctored if they do not show a photo I.D. Also, they need to bring any materials allowed while testing, including URL, username, and password for online tests.
•    Additionally, it helps to give students a reminder that both LACs close at noon on Fridays! (Also, they are closed during breaks and on holidays.) By the same token, students must allow enough time to finish testing before the 6 p.m., Monday-Thursday, closing during fall and spring semesters and before the 3 p.m., Monday-Thursday, closing during the summer session.
•    If you wish to extend the end date of the exam window, email lac[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu or call the Jackson Coordinator at 828.339.4325 or the Macon Coordinator at 828.306.7028, preferably 24 four hours in advance. Otherwise, after a deadline has passed, the Exam Proctoring Information Sheet will be removed from the testing files.
•    If a student has not taken a hard-copy exam after the deadline has passed, it will be shredded unless you request that it be returned to you. 
•    If a testing student is observed to be using materials not permitted while testing, the Learning Consultant will add the information in the “Comments” section of the sign-in sheet, which will be sent to you. The student will be allowed to continue testing but will be told that it is up to the instructor whether or not the exam is accepted. Also, the Consultant will alert the Coordinator, who, in turn, will contact the instructor.


•    LAC staff cannot proctor a test unless a completed Exam Proctoring Information Sheet has been completed by your instructor and is in his/her file.
•    You MUST show a photo I.D. in order to test. 
•    You need to enter the course number and instructor’s name when signing in with your MySCC username and password on the LAC kiosk.
•    You must allow enough time to complete an exam before the 6 p.m., Monday-Thursday, and noon, Friday, closings during fall and spring semesters and before the 3 p.m., Monday-Thursday, and noon, Friday, closings during the summer session.
•    Bring materials that are allowed to be used during the test, including the appropriate username, password, and URL for online exams. 
•    Leave in your vehicle items that are not allowed—such as a cell phone, headphones, ear plugs, electronic wrist watches, etc. Otherwise, they will be secured in a locker. 
•    The “white noise machine” in the Testing Room is turned on to reduce distractions for all test-takers.
•    Scratch paper is collected and attached to each completed exam.