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Learning Assistance comprises the Jackson and Macon LAC, the in-house Tutor Program, and Online Tutoring. 

Mission:  The Learning Assistance mission is to foster the development of critical-thinking skills, successful habits, independent learning, and positive self-efficacy that enable students to become lifelong learners and achieve success in future careers.

Vision:  The vision for Learning Assistance is to be recognized by SCC students, faculty and staff as providing valuable academic-support services.

According to a Spring 2022 survey administered to students who used the Jackson and Macon LACs, 100% were satisfied with the assistance they received. 

During Spring Semester 2022, 87.8% of students who used the LAC’s in-house/online tutoring passed the courses for which they received assistance. 

Twenty-one of 26 MAT 152 students (80.8%) who took advantage of LAC and/or ThinkingStorm help at least once during Fall Semester 2021 earned a C or higher in the course. During Spring Semester 2022, six of six (100%) MAT 152 students who sought help passed the course. 

Students gave ThinkingStorm's online tutoring an 87% success rate during the 2021-22 academic year.

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