Learning Assistance

Mission and Vision

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) provides drop-in and by-appointment help to SCC students on an in-house and online basis. 

Its mission is to foster the development of critical-thinking skills, successful habits, independent learning, and positive self-efficacy that enable students to become lifelong learners and, thus, achieve success in classes and careers.

Our vision is that the LAC's academic-support services will be recognized and appreciated by SCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

On a related note, students who completed a Fall Semester 2020 LAC survey stated that were 100% satisfied with the assistance and exam-proctoring services they received. Also, students who utilized SCC's face-to-face tutoring during Fall Semester 2020 earned a 93% success rate; those assisted online earned 89%.

Additionally, students' aggregated-feedback satisfaction average for ThinkingStorm's services during Fall Semester 2020 was 95%.