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Keep in mind that It takes approximately 24 hours to receive the resulting report. Near the end of each semester, it can take 48 hours due to increased usage of this help option.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any Moodle course and click on “Tutoring” in the middle.
  2. Click “Start Now” on the second option: “Online Tutoring, Appointment Scheduling, and Writing Center.” 
  3. Click “Start Now” at the bottom of the right side of the split screen.
  4. Click “Get Started” on the fourth option: “Submit a Paper to the Writing Center.”
  5. Read the information provided below “Welcome to the Writing Center.” 
  6. If you are submitting a paper, click on “Writing Resource.”  
  7. Complete the form, keeping in mind that the more specific information provided, the better the resulting report will be. Attach your draft document as well as a supporting document, such as the assignment directions (as suggested) or the instructor’s expectations.
  8. Watch for an email from ThinkingStorm, alerting you that your report is ready, OR repeat the first three steps BUT click on “Pick Up My Essay.”


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