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Getting Started

How the Program Works:

At Southwestern Community College, the Honors Program lets you design and complete special projects that turn your traditional courses into honors courses. You’ll team up with your instructors to create a project that goes deeper than what you’d normally cover in class. This gives you a chance to explore topics in more detail and learn more thoroughly.

You can take on more than one project each semester, but you can only do one project per class.

To earn honors credit for a course, you need to complete your project to your instructor’s satisfaction and get at least a “B” in the course. The number of honors credits you earn matches the number of regular course credits. For example, if you do a project for a three-credit course (Like General Psychology for example), you’ll earn three honors credits. While you can work on multiple projects in different classes, you can only earn 9 honors credits per term.

All of this information will be noted on your official transcript.

How do I qualify for the Honors Program?

To be eligible for the Honors Program students must meet the following criteria (we also have specific criteria for first term students - just email us for more information): 

  • A 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA with at least 12 semester hours of college coursework
  • No behavioral code of conduct sanctions on record

Have Questions?

Explore the Designing a Project page for suggestions on developing a proposal, or for questions or more information contact:     

Bethany Emory
Dean of Learning Support

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