Student Life

Approved Budget

Student Life Budget APPROVED
2017 - 2018
All Campus Expenses:      
Event Expense Month Notes
Orientation $1,200   Food, gift card, give away items
Club Allocations $8,100   $300 per club (estimate 20 clubs, honor societies)
SCC Cares $150    
Tutor Appreciation Week and Tutor Training $750   Refreshments and small tokens of appreciation; tutor training food
Big Green Box Recycling Program $300   Amanda Allen manages
Student Art Show $200 April  
Annual Title IX poster contest $100   Support of awareness campaign as required by federal mandate
Graduation Rehearsal $300 December and May 3 student door prizes per rehearsal (25 each) *2
SESAC $259   Annual license fees - music
BMI $1,400   Annual license fees - music
ASCAP $630   Annual license fees - music
Honor Society Inductions $400   Alpha Beta Gamma; National Technical Honor Society; Academic Awards Ceremony
Honors Program $100   Request for project supplies
Honors Brunch $600   $300 per semester.
Club Council Trainings $600   Breakfast for these trainings
Blossman Gas $500   gas for grills
Student Van $1,300   $600 for insurance, mileage charged for use; yearly maintenance costs
UTAC College Visits $180   UTAC will attend SSS college visitations. Request covers food expenses for students.
Diploma Covers $0    
Milestone $0    
Science Expo $200   Spring event - formerly the science fair
Easter Egg Hunt $1,350   $1,300 in prize money; $50 for eggs and candy
Parchment E-credentialing $2,140   electronic e-credentialing for graduates 
QEP Monthly Drawing ($15.00) $150   Support QEP initiatives - 10 months
Storage Cubes for Advertising and Graphic Design $3,500   Store student life event themes
Bodies Exhibit - Atlanta $2,200    Health Sciences division trip
Dine with the Deans $1,400   7 deans, once a month for 10 months at $20 per lunch
Pre-Commencement Division Reception - Arts & Sciences $250    
Culinary Request - Chicago Food Show $550   10 @ $55 each. Entry fee for student participants
Total $28,809    
Jackson Event Expense Month Notes
Welcome Back and Eclipse event $8,000 August  
Constitution Day $250 September  
Save a Life Tour $0   Every other year
Shocktoberfest $3,500 October Prizes, food and supplies
Veteran's Day $1,000 November Event: Green Light Initiative, music, refreshments, flags, etc.
Quantitative Literacy Speaker - Vicki Todd $80   Guest math speaker - once each semester
Career Center $1,500   Refreshment and food support for career seminars, Interviews in the Round; Dining Etiquette and Job Fair
College Fair $200 November Refreshments
Spring Fling $6,000 April  
Student tables, benches, outside Cafe '64 and Burrell $4,500    
Total $25,030    
Macon Event Expense Month Notes
Welcome Back / Fall Fest $2,500 August Food, supplies, activities
Constitution Day $50 September  
Save a Life Tour (rotates each year between Jackson and Macon) $3,200 October Drug and alcohol abuse awareness program food, supplies
Veteran's Day $50 November Food and supplies
Coffee Houses $100   2 events per semester - refreshments
Diversity Talks $100   Monthly presentations - refreshments
Latino Heritage Expo $500   Food and supplies
Student Appreciation $200   2 per year
Candy Grams $200   Candy, supplies (Relay for Life - 2 events)
Blizzard of Bucks $2,500 January Cost of rental, $2,400 for 2017
Quiz Bowl $350   Food, supplies, prizes
Job Fair $200 Fall Food
Spring Fling $2,500    
New Student Welcome (former orientation) $100    
Miscellaneous Supplies $100   Cotton candy supplies, bulletin board paper, popcorn machine
Lunch and Learns $100   Monthly presentations - refreshments
WCU Day $100   2 events per year
Total $12,850    
Swain Event Expense Month Notes
Welcome Back $100 August Snacks, coffee, supplies
Fall Festival $400 November Food and drinks
Spring Fling $500 April Food and drinks
End of year finals snacks $100 May Snacks and coffee
Miscellaneous items $250    
Total $1,350    
Grand Total $70,039