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Academic Advisor Resources

This page is designed to provide SCC advising faculty and staff with the tools needed to ensure students are placed into appropriate courses based on their method of placement. Please use the following resources when determining course placement.

The Course Placement Guide is a comprehensive document that provides course placement information to cover a wide array of scenarios.

The RISE Course Placement At-a-Glance document provides course placement information in a simple format.

The RISE Placement Test Course Information document provides detailed information related to RISE Placement Test scores and course placement.

The Course Placement FAQ document provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to course placement.

Review the SCC Retest Policy to determine when or if a student is eligible to retest.

Feel free to contact Jody Woodring at 828.339.4332 or if you have any questions regarding course placement or the use of these materials.

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