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What is the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a standardized test designed specifically to assess a student's preparedness for entering the health science fields. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform successfully in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. 

The adjusted individual total score will be used as one component in the competitive health science program selection process. This score will range from 0% to 100%. Health Science programs use this score differently based on specific program selection criteria. (See the Health Science program advisor for details).


Why do students need to take the TEAS exam?

The TEAS exam has been statistically proven to be a valid predictor of early health science program success. Your score on the TEAS is one measure of academic preparedness that helps SCC consider your acceptance into our health science programs.


What does the TEAS exam consist of?

The TEAS exam is comprised of 170 questions that are formatted as multiple-choice items with 4 answer options and alternate-type items. This includes 150 scored questions and 20 unscored pretest questions. Students have 209 minutes to complete the exam.

The number of questions in each content section and subsection are as follows:

  • Reading – 45 questions (55 minutes) 

    • Key Ideas & Details – 15 
    • Craft & Structure – 9 
    • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas – 15 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 6 
  • Math – 38 questions (57 minutes) 
    • Numbers & Algebra – 18 
    • Measurement & Data – 16 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 4 
  • Science – 50 questions (60 minutes) 
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology – 18 
    • Biology – 9 
    • Chemistry – 8 
    • Scientific Reasoning – 9 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 6 
  • English & Language Usage – 37 questions (37 minutes) 
    • Conventions of Standard English – 12 
    • Knowledge of Language – 11 
    • Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing – 10 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 4

Where can I take the exam?

The TEAS exam may be taken in-person at a SCC campus, online via remote proctor or at a PSI Testing Center.

How many times can I take the exam?

Applicants to all programs may test twice per academic year. The exams must be at least 30 days apart to be valid. This requirement also applies to exams taken remotely or at another institution in which the student submits official TEAS transcripts to SCC.

How long are TEAS exams valid?

Exam scores are valid for a term of three years from the exam date. For the 2023-2024 academic year, both the old ATI-TEAS Version 6 and the new TEAS Version 7 will be accepted provided the exam was taken within three years prior to the deadline.

What is the difference in TEAS - Nursing and TEAS - Allied Health?

The TEAS exam itself is the same for all programs. However, students must choose a program designation of either Nursing or Allied Health during the registration process.

When do I need to take the TEAS exam?
Applicants seeking admission into the following programs must take the exam prior to the program deadline:

  • Dental Assisting (Recommended) - Deadline: April 1, 2024
  • Medical Assisting (Recommended) - Deadline: April 1, 2024
  • Medical Sonography - Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Nursing Associate Degree - Deadline: January 31, 2024
  • Nursing RIBN Program - Deadline: January 31, 2024
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant - Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Physical Therapist Assistant - Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Practical Nursing - Deadline: November 15, 2023
  • Radiography - Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Respiratory Therapy - Deadline: March 1, 2024
  • Surgical Technology - Deadline: March 1, 2024

How should I prepare for the TEAS exam?

ATI Testing, the official provider of prep for the exam, recommends that you allow yourself at least six weeks to prepare for the exam.

There are a variety of prep resources available to help you study for the test – all aligned to the ATI TEAS, Version 7 and packed with thousands of practice questions based on the content and format of the actual exam.

In addition to these resources, currently enrolled SCC students are invited to participate in our FREE TEAS Workshop Sessions. Here is the link to register for the upcoming session.

What is the schedule for testing at an SCC campus?

Here is the 2023-2024 TEAS schedule for in-person testing at an SCC campus.

How do I create an ATI Testing account?

Please use the following instructions to register for the ATI Testing account:

  • Go to the ATI Testing website at
  • Select "I am preparing for or taking the TEAS"
  • Click "Create an Account" near the top of the page
  • Complete the Personal Information section
  • Select an institution: Southwestern CC NC ADN (Nursing) or Southwestern CC NC AH (Allied Health)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account creation process

How do I register for the TEAS exam?

Please use the following instructions to register for the ATI TEAS Exam:

  • Go to:
  • Select the "Register Now" button
  • Choose "In-Person" when prompted to choose how you wish to take the exam
  • Select Program Type (Nursing or Allied Health), "Search by School Name", "NC" for state, and one of the "Southwestern CC NC options" for school depending on desired location.
  • Choose desired exam and click "Select" 
  • Complete the registration process following the on-screen instructions
    • There is a Non-Refundable Fee of $87 for the exam (price subject to change)
    • Registration for September & October test dates will open on August 1st.
      November-January dates will open in mid-September and other dates will be
      available in mid-November.
    • Registration closes 48 hours prior to an exam.

Here are the instructions to register for the TEAS exam online via remote proctor.

What do I need to bring to an on-campus exam?

You will need to bring a valid, government-issued photo ID for the exam session. You will also need to know your ATI Testing account login information in order to take the exam.

What if I need testing accommodations?

Students with a documented disability that will require testing accommodations must call Freya Kinner, Learner Accessibility and Equity Advocate, at 828.339.4326 to arrange accommodations prior to scheduling the exam.

Can I reschedule the exam or receive a refund?

All registrations are final. If a student fails to show for an exam, they will be required to re-pay to register for another exam. ATI Testing has stated that rescheduling is not an option, and no refunds are possible. Please contact ATI Testing directly for more information regarding rescheduling an exam due to an emergency.
What happens if there is inclement weather on the day of my scheduled exam?

In the event that the college is closed for the day, operates on a delayed scheduled or closes early due to inclement weather, ATI-TEAS exams may be affected. Changes to scheduled exams will be as follows:

College Closed: If the college closes for the full day, all exams will be canceled. Students will be contacted once the college reopens to reschedule exams.

Delayed Opening: If the college opens on a delayed schedule, exams may be affected depending upon the time of the exam.

  • Exams scheduled for 8:30 a.m. will be canceled. Students will be contacted once the college reopens to reschedule exams.
  • Exams scheduled for 12:30 p.m. will be administered as scheduled.

Early Dismissal: If the college closes early, exams may be affected depending on exam time and closing time.

  • If the college closes prior to time for an exam, the exam will be canceled. Students will be contacted once the college opens to reschedule exams.
  • If the college closes once an exam has started, the Testing Center staff will make a decision regarding the exam on a case-by-case basis.

If an exam is canceled due to inclement weather, scheduled students will not be required to pay another fee to reschedule their exam. 

In the event that a canceled exam must be rescheduled for a date that is after a Health Science program deadline, students will not be penalized for missing the deadline. An extension will be given to allow the student to take the exam within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that this extension applies only to the TEAS exam. All other requirements must be met by the program deadline.

Please refer to SCC’s website for information regarding inclement weather closings. This site provides information about how to enroll in the college’s mobile alert program as well as other means of notification.

How can I send my exam results to SCC or another institution?

SCC is unable to accept exam transcripts directly from students or from another institution. Students who wish to have their official ATI TEAS exam transcript sent to SCC from another institution or from SCC to another institution must do so through ATI Testing at There is a $27.00 fee for the transcript.

Can I take the exam at SCC if I am not applying to an SCC program?

Due to space limitations, only applicants to programs at SCC are permitted to take the TEAS exam at our institution. Testing for other institutions is not permitted. 
How can I contact ATI Testing?

Phone: 800.667.7531
Email to:

Who do I contact at SCC for more information?

Please contact James Long, Testing and New Century Scholars Coordinator, at 828.339.4332 or if you have any questions regarding the TEAS exam.

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