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Eligible Programs of Study


All Associate Degrees

Associate in Applied Science
Associate in Arts - College Transfer
Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Associate in General Education
Associate in Science -  College Transfer

The following diploma and certificate programs that are eligible for Financial Aid are referred to as Gainful Employment programs, meaning that they are designed, upon completion, to provide the student with gainful employment.  A student first enrolling in these programs will be asked to confirm review of information regarding program length, cost, licensure requirements, and average debt incurred.  For more information about graduation rates, loan repayment rates, and post-enrollment earnings about SCC and other postsecondary institutions, please visit



  • (1) Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology (D35100)
  • Automotive Systems (D60160) 
  • Cosmetology (D55140)
  • Culinary  (D55150) 
  • (1) Dental Assisting (D45240) 
  • (1) Practical Nursing (D45660) 
  • Medical Office (D25310) 
  • Welding (D50240) 
  • Cosmetology (C55140)
  • Health Informatics (C453601) 
  • Medical Coding ((C453602)
  • Nurse Aide (C45840)
  • Tax Accounting (C258003) 
  • Welding (C50420) 
  • Wilderness Emergency Medicine (C553302) 
  • Wilderness Therapy (C553301)

(1)   Financial Aid credit hours for this program must be converted from contact hours according to the Department of Education’s formula. This will likely result in the payment of partial financial aid.

updated 05/23/2024

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