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About Grants and Contracts

About Grants and Contracts

The Office of Institutional Development is your comprehensive resource to find grant funding and for the development of grant or contract proposals. From the time you develop your idea to the administration and close-out of your award, services are available to assist you every step of the way.
What Do I Do?

  1. Develop your project idea and determine the need for it.
  2. Take a look at other similar projects to better formulate your plans.      
  3. Conduct a funding search or request funding search assistance from our office. 
  4. When you decide to move forward with a proposal or project idea, complete the Proposed Grant Project/Program Form (linked below) and submit it to your immediate supervisor.
  5. Upon approval of your project/program plan, meet with the Grants Writer, Megan Ayscue, to discuss your proposal and what you need for your application. We can assist with everything from finding funding to writing the proposal!
  6. The Office of Institutional Development will submit your proposal.

Click HERE for Grants Inquiry Form.

Contact our staff
For detailed instructions regarding the development, approval and submission of grant and/or contract proposals, please click on this link: Guide to Grants & Contracts booklet
When you receive an award, we will assist with getting your project budget established and entering your project information into our grant management system, AmpliFund. This system will help you with keeping your project on track, documenting all time and effort electronically, with ensuring that your reports are on time and, with storing all of your project documents.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions any time or to request a meeting to discuss a project idea or funding need!

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