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Travel Information for SCC Employees

Subsistence Rates for approved travel by SCC employees:

  In-State Out-of-State
Breakfast $9 $9
Lunch $11.80 $11.80
Dinner $20.50 $23.30
Lodging (actual, up to) $78.90 $93.20
Total $120.20 $137.30

View the NCCCS Travel Regulations
View Ground Transportation rules


I. Travel Authorization / Travel Advance

*Exact same form


  • Must be completed and approved prior to departure
  • Copy of an approved authorization must accompany a reimbursement form

Download the instructions for the Travel Authorization form here.
Download the file travel authorization advance form.
For grant related travel, download the grant travel authorization form.


  • Means you are requesting money to use on your trip
  • Should be submitted 30-45 days prior to trip to ensure advance payment
  • To receive an advance, indicate the amount under "Total Amount Requested" or "Amount of Travel Advance Requested" at the bottom of the form
  • This includes money that the college pays directly to an organization for registration

If the college is to issue payment for the registration directly to an organization:

  • Attach a completed registration form
  • Fill out the amount and to whom the check should be paid
  • Remember to obtain a receipt to attach to the reimbursement form when you return
  • Copies of canceled checks can no longer serve as a receipt

All Authorization / Advance forms will need proper documentation (an agenda or itinerary).

  • If no money is needed (just an authorization) leave "Total Amount Requested" blank or enter '0" and attach an agenda / itinerary.

Some things to remember:

  • Ensure form filled out completely
  • Ensure Applicant signs the form
  • Ensure budget codes are on form
  • Include dates and travel destination
  • Double check accuracy and submit to immediate supervisor for approval



II. Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Form

  • Complete and submit form within 30 days of trip completion.
  • Complete form in its entirety:
  • Dates of Travel, Budget Codes, From and To (for destination)
  • Be sure to put the time you depart as well as the time you return
  • Mileage is calculated beginning at duty station or home; whichever is less
  • One form submitted per trip

Download the instructions for the Travel Reimbursement form here.
Download the file travel reimbursement form
For grant related travel, download the grant travel reimbursement form.

Internet Usage

  • Internet Usage must be approved by the employee's supervisor prior to reimbursement. Receipts must be attached. Also, an explanation of internet for business use must also be attached.

Meal Reimbursement (for overnight travel only)

  • Breakfast - depart duty station prior to 6 a.m.
  • Lunch - depart duty station prior to Noon (day of departure) or return to duty station after 2 p.m. (day of return)
  • Dinner - depart duty station prior to 5 p.m. (day of departure) or return to duty station after 8 p.m. (day of return)

*If the agenda lists food of any type (coffee, donuts, continental breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner, banquet, dinner reception), then the individual cannot be personally reimbursed for a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Total Cost - is the overall expense of the trip

Less Advance - is money that the college paid in relation to a trip in the form of an advance (registration fee, subsistence, etc.)


  • The amount owed to the person who traveled
  • Or the amount due to the college because the total costs was less than the advance
  • Ensure the reimbursement form is signed, then send to the appropriate supervisor for approval.

Documentation to be attached:

  • Parking / Taxi Receipts
  • Agenda
  • Lodging Receipts
  • Registration Receipts

*Tips for handling of baggage are the only tips allowed



III. Daily Log for Local Travel

  • One form submitted per month
  • Ensure odometer entries are correct
  • Ensure budget code is on the form
  • Sign the form and obtain supervisor's signature

Download the file daily log for local travel form.
For grant related travel, download the grant local travel form.




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