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Southwestern Community College – Public Safety Training Center is proud to offer an accredited Firefighter Academy. This State accredited program is designed to prepare entry level individuals with cognitive and physical skills to become certified firefighters. The academy will be held at Southwestern Community College (SCC), Jerry Sutton Public Safety Training Center (PSTC), in Franklin, N.C.
The course consists of three separate blocks of instruction. The Fire Academy, upon completion, will enable the graduate to be certified to work as a firefighter in the State of North Carolina and will also qualify the candidate to work as a firefighter in any IFSAC or Pro-Board Compliant state pending completion of the whole academy. Please understand that this is all or nothing program, cadets are strongly encouraged to begin physical fitness prior to the start of the Academy.
Training sessions typically operate from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with some Saturdays required. Training sessions may be adjusted as required to meet training requirements
2021 Fire Academy Registration

For more information on the Fire Academy or to request an application packet, please contact Alan McWilliams, Fire/Rescue Director, at 828-306-7045 or email at


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