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Change of Program, Address or Name

Changing your Program of Study
Students who wish to switch to a different program of study or add a second program should discuss the proposed change with their academic advisors.  If you decide to drop and/or add a program, the quickest way to do so is by emailing your typed request to using your mySCC student email account (not a non-SCC email account).  There are also paper “Change of Program” forms located in Student Services which you can fill out and sign to submit your request in person.  Please note that the paper form is not required in order to submit your program change request remotely, as you can always email your typed request using your mySCC account instead of filling out a paper “Change of Program” form.

Changing your Address
If your address changes, you can update it online by using the Self-Service tool on your mySCC account.  Please note that your submitted Self-Service address update will be processed on the following business day, so it won’t appear to update immediately but it will be updated.  There are also paper “Change of Name/Address” forms located in Student Services which you can fill out and sign to submit your update in person.

Changing your Name
If your name changes, please submit a copy of your Social Security card verifying your changed name in order to update your name in your student record.  You can bring it to SCC’s Jackson or Macon campuses, you can fax it to Student Services at 828.339.4444 or you can mail it to Southwestern Community College: ATTN: Admissions Office, 447 College Drive, Sylva, NC 28779.  For the sake of security, it is recommended that you do not send your Social Security information through email.  Only your Social Security card can be used to verify your changed name, not any other form of documentation (driver license, marriage license, etc.).

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