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Bomb Threats


The College must be prepared for bombings and the threats of bombings. There are two logical explanations for reporting a bomb threat:

  1. The caller has knowledge that an explosive has been placed and wants to minimize injury or damage.
  2. The caller wants to create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic which will disrupt the College's normal activities.

The following procedures have been established for the purposes of:

  1. Establishing a chain of command for bomb threat situations;
  2. Determining how and by whom a bomb threat will be evaluated;
  3. Describing the procedures to be followed if facilities are to be evacuated;
  4. Assigning responsibility for searching facilities; and
  5. Key administrative staff will periodically be updated on appropriate responses to bomb threats.


A. If a Bomb Threat is Received:

  1. Main Campus - If the threat is received by anyone other than the College Information Center Coordinator, gather and record as much information as possible and then contact the College Information Center Coordinator immediately. If the threat is received after normal office hours or on weekends, notify the Vice President for Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer using the emergency contact list.
  2. Off Campus Centers - The threat should be reported to the center director or dean immediately, who will contact the College Information Center Coordinator on the Jackson campus.
  3. All Bomb Threats - immediately report the threat to the following chain of command:

Campus Resource Officer on duty or local law enforcement
Office of the President
Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer
Office of the Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services.


The President, or in his or her absence the next available administrator, shall evaluate the threat and determine the appropriate action to be taken.  The building(s) may be searched and/or evacuated, if necessary. The administrator in charge shall notify the following personnel and issue instructions:


B. If Facilities are to be Evacuated:

  1. Evacuation notices will be announced by network intercom (telephone system) radio, E-mail, telephone, and messenger. 
  2. College employee shall assist in clearing the buildings of people and then exit themselves.
  3. The College Information Center Coordinator and maintenance personnel will remain on campus and remain in radio contact with Campus Resource Officer(s).
  4. Maintenance and/or cleaning staff will assist emergency response personnel search and clear buildings, if requested.
  5. All students and those employees not required to remain on campus should evacuate the campus and remove their vehicles.
  6. The President or administrator in charge shall determine when the college shall return to normal operations.

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