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Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, the College shall use the following procedures:

A.  Response

  1. If a medical emergency exists – call emergency dispatch (9-1-1). If using an on-campus telephone system, it may be necessary to dial 9 first.
  2. Dial “0” to notify the College Information Center of the medical emergency and whether 9-1-1 has been called.  Off-campus centers should notify the center dean or director. The College Information Center shall contact the Campus Resource Officer on duty as well as attempt to locate First Responders, EMT’s or Paramedics on campus.
  3. If an injured student or employee is non-verbal or incapacitated, Administrative Services staff will contact the person(s) given as the emergency contact or family member for the injured/ill party. This information may be contained in the student record or employee personnel file.

B.  Treatment
The College has no facilities for medical treatment other than for minor first aid. For minor first aid, medical first aid kits are located in all college facilities. CPR kits are also located in all College facilities. Automatic external defibrillators are located in each academic classroom building.

C.  Transportation

  1. Individuals suffering acute illness or injury, if coherent, shall be asked by College personnel and/or First Responders present if they desire transportation to the local hospital by ambulance.
  2. If a coherent individual is suffering acute illness or injury declines transportation to the hospital, then this will be documented in the Report of Injury/Illness for Student/Visitor form or by memo. 
  3. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the individual, except in cases covered by workers’ compensation.

D.  Reporting

  1. Student/Visitor - All injuries/illness incidents are to be reported to the Office of Human Resources as soon as practical using the Report of Injury/Illness for Student/Visitor form.
  2. Employee – An employee is defined as full-time faculty and staff, adjunct faculty, part-time staff, work-study students, temporary part-time, lab assistants, tutors, and authorized volunteers.
    All employee accidents are to be reported to Human Resources within 24 hours occurrence. Mandated forms must be completed and filed with the college’s workers’ compensation carrier.

E.  Off-Campus Emergency

If emergency medical services are required off campus (i.e., firing range, defensive driving course, or non-college location etc.) the aforementioned reporting procedures shall be followed after emergency care.

F.  Traffic Accident on College Property

  1. Contact 9-1-1 if emergency services are needed including ambulance or fire/rescue.
  2. Contact the College Information Center who will notify the Campus Resource Officer and the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Traffic accidents (non-emergency) may be reported to the NC Highway Patrol at the following numbers:

Swain County                        828.488.2184
Jackson County                     828.627.2851
Macon County                       828.369.6969          

G.  Accident Involving a College-Owned Vehicle

  1. Contact 9-1-1 if emergency services are needed including police, ambulance, or fire/rescue.
  2. Obtain as much information as possible from the other party involved in the accident.

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