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At Southwestern Community College, we are dedicated to enhancing our students’ success not only in academics but also in their chosen professional careers. Our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) has been named, "PEAK," which stands for “Professional Exploration and Knowledge,” a goal that will help students succeed in their jobs and careers.

Students will begin achieving the goals of PEAK through activities that will help them focus on researching and planning their professional careers.

The following programs, services, and activities offered by Career Services will help faculty and advisors guide students in their self-assessments of interests, identification of values and abilities, understanding of academic pathways, exploration of careers, development and practice of related skills, and self efficacy when applying for jobs.

Career Coach
  • All students should use Career Coach to explore interests, related career options, correlating programs at SCC, and actual jobs in the region and beyond. By taking the longer assessment, they can discover and learn about their own, personal Holland Codes and meet with SCC's Career Counselor in your classroom or individually to discuss how that might inform their vocational choice. 
  • Faculty are encouraged to register for Career Coach, take the assessment, and see examples of vocations related to their own programs of study.
  • Career Coach Registration Page

Career Seminars, Programs, and Events
Class Presentations
Contact Career Services to schedule a classroom presentation discussing career exploration and Career Coach, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, or other career development topics!  On a case-by-case basis, we may also help you identify and schedule a classroom visit or presentation by an employer or professional in any given field.

Big Interview
Big Interview is an exciting online tool that whole classes can use to practice and develop job interviewing skills. Students in your class can practice interviews and record and save them, and electronically share them with you or a career counselor. They can look up specific interview questions, and they can even formulate their “Interview Story."

Other Interview Resources & Tutorials Resume Preparation and Job Search Assistance
  • Students should capture their leadership, related service learning, undergraduate research, work-based learning, clinical experience, and other career development achievements on a professional resume. A  career counselor can present this topic in any class, and students can get individual help with their resumes at the Career Services.
  • Resume Writing Presentation
  • Other Resume Resources

Job Fairs and Hiring Events
Shadowing and Externships
  • Career Services does not place students in externships, but can partner with faculty to identify possible employers for them to approach. Career Services offers a structure for learning and reflection that could be useful as a class assignment and offers standardization, consistency, and a capture point to assess learning.  An SCC Externship is intended to be a 4-6 hour shadowing experience that helps students explore possible careers by:
    • Exposing them to professionals and occupations
    • Broadening their professional networks
    • Helping them receive guidance regarding training, skills, knowledge, and experience that will make them successful in the workplace
Job Board
  • All full-time SCC faculty and staff will receive a faculty account in the Job Board that will allow them to search for employers, jobs, and students. You will be able to search for students in specific programs and see their profiles and uploaded documents.
  • Use your full SCC email address to access the Job Board. Include the
  • If you have trouble accessing the SCC Job Board contact Jodie Waldroup in Career Services.
  • During their fourth semesters and sometimes earlier, all students should upload their resumes into the Job Board to be reviewed by faculty, seen by employers, and ready to submit in applications.
  • Job Board Login and Registration