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Advising of students is central to the college’s mission. This cross-functional committee of staff and faculty meets regularly to discuss issues related to academic advising. The committee maintains a clearinghouse of best practices in academic advising, updates the college's advising manual, guides training for new advisors, and facilitates professional development for experienced advisors.

  • Chair – Mark Ellison, Director of Enrollment Management
  • Tori Addington-Ellison, College Success Coach/Advisor
  • Jennie Ashlock, Health Sciences Co-Advisor, Student Support Services
  • Dominique Benson, Director of Student Support Services
  • Rebecca Branden, English Instructor
  • Will Clark, Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Track Lead Instructor
  • Donna Conner, Nurse Aide Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Cheryl Contino-Conner, Dean of Students
  • Cheryl Davids, Dean of Macon Campus
  • Bethany Emory, Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
  • Mitch Fischer, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Thomas Jones, College Success Coach/Advisor
  • Pamela Judson, Early College Liaison - Jackson County
  • Mary Lockey, Intake Coordinator/College Transfer Advisor
  • April McNiff, High School Partnership Coordinator
  • Norrie Meus, Macon UTAC Coordinator
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • Barbara Putman, Dean of Arts & Sciences
  • Vicki Todd, Faculty Senate/Math Instructor
  • Jodie Waldroup, Career Counselor

Committee Minutes

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