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The Disciplinary Review Committee may serve as the Student Grievance Committee for Non-academic Matters or, at the direction of the president, a new committee may be formed for each grievance. The committee makeup and method of appointment will be the same as for the Disciplinary Review Committee. This committee will not address academic complaints about grades, methods of instruction, or routine classroom policies and/or procedures.

  • Chair – Cheryl Davids, Dean of Macon Campus
  • Thom Brooks, (ex-officio), Executive Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
  • Sayward Cabe, Financial Aid Assistant Director
  • Chris Cox, English Instructor
  • Debra Eavenson, Medical Sonography Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Gretchen Guelcher, Respiratory Therapy Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Andrea Kennedy, Medical Laboratory Technology Program Coordinator and Instructor
  • Bruce Moyle, Respiratory Therapy Instructor
  • Three Student Representatives - TBA

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