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The Health and Safety Committee is a college-wide advisory committee. The committee has responsibility for periodic reviews of college safety programs including the Safety Plan, Chemical Hygiene Program, Infectious Disease/Exposure Control Program, Hazard Communication Program, Lockout/Tagout of Hazardous Energy, and Forklift Operator Safety Program. The committee serves as a venue for discussion of safety concerns.

  • Chair – Megan Nicholson, Emergency Services/Safety Coordinator
  • Tony Belcher, Emergency Medical Science Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
  • Ashley Burleson, Criminal Justice Technology Program Coordinator
  • John Cooper, Electrician
  • Chrystal Deitz, Jackson County Sherriff's Office - Campus Resource Officer
  • Zachary Dezarn, National Park Service Law Enforcement Training Instructor
  • Tyler Dixon, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Curtis Dowdle, Dean of Public Safety Training
  • Lisa Kim Fisher, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services
  • Eric Hester, Emergency Medical Science Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Melissa Hyatt, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Brian Kane, Associate in Fine Arts Department Chair
  • Jeff Marley, Director of Personal Enrichment/Heritage Arts
  • Erin McCully, Student Disability Services Coordinator
  • Sheryl Monroe, Employment and Benefits Specialist
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • David Myers, Automotive Systems Technology Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Deven Neal, Administrative Assistant - Public Safety Training Center
  • Deanne Oppermann - Chemical Hygiene Officer, Chemistry Instructor
  • Debbie Ray, Cosmetology Instructor
  • Daniel Reid, NC Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Kelly Robinson, Welding Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Christian Ropp - Student Representative, EMS Student
  • Renea Winchester, Administrative Assistant - Enrollment Services Swain
  • Jody Woodring, Testing Coordinator/Enrollment Counselor
  • Kenneth Woodring, Jackson County Sheriff Sergeant - Campus Resource Officer
  • Vacant, Biology Instructor

Meeting Minutes:

June 2016
March 2016
October 2015

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