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The college is actively involved in efforts to improve student engagement and success. This cross-functional group will change focus on planning and reviewing strategies for improving the quality of students’ experiences from inquiry to graduation. The group will review student retention and persistence statistics, enrollment indicators of attrition and student engagement survey results and will develop strategies for improvement where needed.

  • Co-Chair – Bethany Emory, Dean of Teaching and Learning Support
  • Co-Chair - William Clark, Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Track Lead Instructor
  • Laura Allen, NC Career Coach
  • Scott Baker, Vice President for Information Technology
  • Kurt Berger, Information Technologies Instructor
  • Kristan Blanton, Director of Enrollment Management
  • Mary Bradley, Developmental Mathematics Instructor
  • Jennifer Brooks, English Instructor
  • Thom Brooks, Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
  • Savannah DeHart, Director of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Melissa Daniels-Dolan, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Matthew Edison, Financial Aid Counselor
  • Mark Ellison, Dean of Students
  • Melissa Hyatt, Dean of Health Sciences
  • Toni Knott, Learning Assistance Center/Online Tutoring Coordinator
  • Allen Lomax, Psychology Instructor
  • April McNiff, High School Partnership Coordinator
  • Danell Moses, Dean of Career Technologies
  • Barb Putman, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Amy Russ, Transition English Instructor
  • Donna Wilson, Administrative Assistant - Career & College Readiness
  • Vacant - Faculty Senate
  • Vacant, College Success Coach/Coordinator

Meeting Minutes:

September, 29, 2021
February 27, 2019
October 22, 2018
November 13, 2017
September 27, 2017
January 23, 2017
October 13, 2016
March 28, 2016
February 1, 2016
October 21, 2015

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