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Academic Forgiveness
Any student who meets the policy criteria may submit, in writing to the Executive Vice President for Instruction and Student Services, a request for academic forgiveness. See the Academic Forgiveness policy for qualifications. Contact the office of Instructional Services for an Academic Forgiveness form.

Academic Grievance
The purpose of the Student Grievance Procedure for Academic Matters is to channel student complaints about grades, methods of instruction, and/or classroom policies or procedures. See the Grade Appeal Policy for qualifications.

Activity Release for Off-Campus Form
This form is to be used for students over the age of 18 who participate in SCC field trips. This form is to be forwarded to the dean/director and the vice president for approval along with the Off-Campus Activity Release form which must be completed by the instructor for each trip. The executive vice president is to forward all completed forms to the Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services.

Activity Release for Students Under 18 Form
This form is to be used for students under the age of 18 who participate in SCC field trips.

Change of Program Form

  • To graduate from a program at the end of the current term, a student must be actively enrolled in that program.
  • After a term begins, ALL program changes for that term MUST be submitted by the end of that term’s schedule adjustment period (also known as the drop/add period).
  • Current-term program changes cannot be processed after the schedule adjustment period. All program changes submitted after the schedule adjustment period will take effect the following term.

Conditional Registration Form
The purpose of the conditional registration form is to provide registration access for students to register for classes and secure a semester schedule while awaiting official prerequisite documentation to be received by Southwestern Community College. 

Course Credit By Exam
Students may earn course credit by examination in selected courses identified by program coordinators or department chairs. The applicable testing fee ($25.00 per course) will apply and successful completion of the exam will result in an S grade for the course. Credit by examination may be earned prior to enrolling in a course or up to the 10% point if a student is enrolled in the course. 

Course Credit/Advanced Placement for Licensure and Certification
A student who has completed training and passed a national or state registry examination for licensure, certification or equivalent may be eligible to earn/complete a certificate, diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Note: A copy of the certification must accompany this form.

FERPA Release and Restriction Form

Instructional Time Make-up
Any class time missed will be made up/covered by one or a combination of methods. This form should be completed as soon as possible upon return to class. This process will be in effect anytime an instructor misses a class. Examples would be sickness, away for conferences, adverse weather, other emergencies, etc. The completed form should be submitted to the appropriate Dean.

Learning Assistance Center Referral forms 

  1. Students may use the online self-referral form
  2. For Faculty: If you are an instructor and would like to refer a student to the SCC Learning Assistance Center, print the referral form, sign it, give a copy to the student, and send a copy to Toni Knott in the Learning Assistance Center.

Request to Waive a Prerequisite
A waiver of any prerequisite or corequisite must be based on more than an opinion or a conversation with the student. Appropriate documentation to support any acceptable waiver must be with this request and kept on file in the Registrar’s Office. An approved Request to Waive a Prerequisite/Corequisite form must be completed before the student registers for the course.

Student Profile for Advising Form
In 2007, a group of SCC faculty and staff came together to discuss the goal of creating some form of consistency with regards to the advising experience, and to identify reasonable expectations for the advising folder.

Whether an electronic or hard copy advising folder is maintained, the expectation is that a folder exist for each advisee. The following information is a result of the meeting and is endorsed by all attendees as a “Best Practices” model for the SCC advising folder. » details

Information for the following forms may be found on the Registrar Forms Page:
Add/Drop/Withdrawal, Course Substitution, Change of Grade, Conditional Registration, Application for Commencement, Transcript Request/Enrollment Verification, Course Credit Requests, and FERPA forms.

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