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If your program or department has unmet needs, develops an idea for expansion/enhancement, or hears of a funding opportunity, it might be appropriate for you to plug into the funding assistance process. The purpose of this process is to support the systematic sharing and review of college needs, ideas, and opportunities – outside the regular budgeting process.

The funding assistance process utilizes a Funding Assistance Form to guide you through a standardized thought process which will help you organize your ideas – and help the College determine what direction to take.

Once you complete the form you will need to obtain a number of signatures – or endorsements – before submitting the form to the Director of Community & Resource Development. These endorsements will:

  • Ensure the committed involvement of the administration, faculty and staff who will later be called upon to implement and direct the project if it is funded; and
  • Guarantee the commitment of the College for providing the necessary resources including space, matching funds, or faculty/staff time so that it will be properly supported.


Next, your project idea will be reviewed by a resource development team – using the Standardized Review Criteria – and presented to the Executive Council for consideration and recommendations for action.

If the Executive Council recommends it, it will be incorporated into the resource development agenda. You will then work with the SCC Foundation and/or the Office for Grant Activities to develop the project into one or more fund raising appeals and/or grant submissions. If it is not recommended, they may decide to fund it with other resources, put it on hold, or decide that it is something the College does not want to pursue.


If you are using assistive technology and cannot access this information, please contact the webmaster to request an alternative format.