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Financial Aid

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File the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • The first step to receive federal grants, state grants, loans, work-study, and most scholarships is to file the FAFSA.  You only need to submit the FAFSA once per academic year.
  • Complete a FAFSA at and be sure to use the IRS Data Retrieval for all eligible tax filers, if available.
  • The FAFSA opens up on October 1 for the following year's Fall semester.  SCC's priority deadline is May 1 preceding the next school year. 
  • SCC's Federal School Code is 008466
  • Learn various tips about filing for the FAFSA by clicking here.

Apply to an eligible program of study at SCC 

  • The Financial Aid Office cannot view your FAFSA results until an admissions application is on file with the college.
  • A list of all programs eligible for financial aid can be found here: Programs of Study Eligible for Financial Aid

Send Requested Documents to the SCC Financial Aid Office

  • The Department of Education may select you for verification. Click here to learn more about verification. 
  • Read SCC email from Financial Aid Office, or from mySCC go to your Self-Service Financial Aid Home page to view your Checklist of missing items.
  • Complete and submit any requested documents to the SCC Financial Aid Office.

To view the Financial Aid calendar, click here.


Important Dates for Fall 2023:

August 1 - 25 - Students with remaining financial aid balances can charge their books online through the SCC Bookstore website.

August 1 - 31 - Students with remaining financial aid balances can charge their books in person at the SCC Bookstore.

August 14 - First day of Fall semester. Students in online classes must engage during their first week of class.

September 19 - Students with remaining aid balances after all charges have been paid will be mailed a refund check on this date.

September 21 - Last day to withdraw from a 1st session class.

October 31 - Last day to withdraw from a full session class.

November 21 - Last day to withdraw from a 2nd session class.

December 1 - 2024-2025 FAFSA opens

December 12 - Last day of the Fall semester.


Financial Aid Deadlines
The academic year at SCC consists of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. You may have to choose your academic year on the FAFSA.

2023-2024 - Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024

2024-2025 - Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2025

FAFSA Deadlines:

The U.S. Department of Education will now begin processing FAFSAs starting in December and ending in June, 19 months later. Example: For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Department of Education will process from Oct. 1, 2022, until June 30, 2024. A student needs to file only one time for each academic year. FAFSA applications can be filed at

SCC has set Priority Deadlines to ensure that students file in time to allow processing and awarding before the start of each semester. SCC students need to file their FAFSAs by the following dates:

  • May 1 – students starting the next Fall
  • September 30 – students starting the next Spring
  • February 15 – students starting the next Summer

FAFSAs filed after these deadlines WILL be processed as soon as possible, but delays may cause eligible students to be awarded after the semester has begun.

Scholarship Deadlines

SCC Scholarships Deadline will be announced each year when the online scholarship application system opens for all SCC Foundation Scholarships.

  • The 2023-2024 scholarship application is now closed. 

Information regarding the IRS Data Retrieval Tool:

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool is available for online FAFSA submittals and is accessible through the FAFSA website  The Data Retrieval Tool allows FAFSA applicants and parents the ability to transfer their income information from the IRS to the FAFSA.  See below.

 Most FAFSA applicants and parents of dependent applicants, who indicate they have filed or will file a federal tax return will be directed to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to report and/or update their income information on the FAFSA.


  • Applicants can complete their FAFSA more easily and accurately.
  • Applicants selected for verification can satisfy the income verification portion by using the Data Retrieval Tool.
  • This will increase the accuracy and speed in awarding student financial aid funds.


  • Most applicants and parents who indicate they have filed a federal tax return will be directed to use the Data Retrieval Tool. 
  • Applicants selected for the verification process will be instructed to use the Data Retrieval Tool, or else request a tax return transcript from the IRS to submit to the Financial Aid Office. 


  • Married couples who file separate tax returns.
  • Separated or divorced applicants or parents, who filed jointly in the base tax year. 
  • Applicants whose marital status has changed from the base tax year to the date the FAFSA is filed. 
  • Applicants who are neither eligible nor required to file a Federal Tax Return. 


If your FAFSA record is selected for a process called verification, and you and your parents filed a federal tax return but did not use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you will be asked to:

  • Use the Data Retrieval Tool to update your and/or your parent or spouse FAFSA income information; (OR)
  • You and/or your parents or spouse may request a "Tax Return Transcript" from the IRS to submit to the Financial Aid Office to verify your income information.
  • In certain situations, you may be able to provide a signed copy of the Federal Tax Return.

All special circumstances are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the SCC Financial Aid Director. Special circumstances could include:

  • Loss of a job or reduction in wages paid
  • Unusual medical expenses
  • Death of a spouse or parent
  • One-time income such as severance pay, etc.
  • Unable to locate parents to file FAFSA

You may request a review of your financial aid application data if you believe your financial status has changed significantly from the year of the tax return you used to file your FAFSA. You will need to complete an Income Adjustment Request form, which can be found here. It may be helpful for you to contact Sayward Cabe at 828.339.4315 to discuss your situation before attempting to complete this process.

Professional Judgement (PJ)/Financial Aid Appeal Process

Any student who is classified as dependent by the U.S. Department of Education, but is unable to obtain parent information, should indicate so when filing their FAFSA online, and then contact Sayward Cabe at 828.339.4315.

The U.S. Department of Education will select certain Student Aid Reports (SAR) for a process called Verification. The purpose of the verification process is to ensure that the information on the FAFSA is correct. Students who are eligible for grants are more likely to be selected for verification. Students may also be selected for verification by SCC if there appears to be a discrepancy in any of the information. SCC verifies all students who are selected by the Department of Education Central Processor for verification, even if this verification process has been performed at another institution for the same award year.

How do I know if I am selected?
You will be sent an e-mail to your SCC student email letting you know that you have been selected for verification and what documents need to be submitted to the SCC Financial Aid Office.  Any required items will appear on your Financial Aid Checklist in your Self-Service portal. 
What do I do if I am selected?

  • Fill out and sign the requested verification documents which will be on our Financial Aid Forms page. Do not leave questions blank. 
  • Talk to the SCC Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about completing the forms or any of the documents that are being requested.
  • You can submit verification documentation to the Sylva Campus (Financial Aid Office), Franklin campus (Student Services), by Fax to 828.339.4651, or e-mail .

How long does it take?
Once the SCC Financial Aid Office has received all of the required documentation it can still take several weeks to process your application. Therefore, it is very important to turn in your documentation as soon as possible.
What’s next?
The SCC Financial Aid Office will review the information on the documents and contact you if any further information is needed. Please be aware that the SCC Financial Aid Office bases awards from your verified Student Aid Report. If any of the original information changes through verification, it can affect your eligibility for financial aid.  If no further information is needed, watch for an e-mail letting you know to go to your MySCC/Self-Service to review your award letter. 

Have you taken advantage of the Self-Service portal? If not and you would like to learn more, click here.

To view the current and previous year's forms, click here.

Aid Types & Eligibility


Learn about the different grants available by clicking here.


Learn about the different scholarships available by clicking here.

For outside scholarships, click here.


Learn about work-study opportunities by clicking here.


For information on loans, click here.

Veteran Assistance

To learn more, click here.

Summer Aid

For information, click here.

Other Assistance

For information on other assistance programs, click here.

Student Eligibility Requirements

To receive aid from any of the federal and state student aid programs at SCC, students must meet all of the following criteria:

Financial need is documented through the submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the receipt of a valid Student Aid Report (SAR)

  • Have financial need, except for some loans (Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans)
  • Have a high school/adult high school diploma or a GED Certificate
  • Be accepted for enrollment in an eligible program at SCC and working toward an eligible degree/certificate/diploma
  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Have a valid Social Security Number
  • Meet and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress standards set by SCC
  • Is not in default on a federal student loan
  • Does not owe money on a federal student grant
  • Meet Selective Service requirement as specified by federal regulations
  • Meet federal eligibility requirements regarding drug-related convictions
  • Not receive financial aid at two schools during the same semester
  • Meet minimum enrollment (credit hour) levels as specified for each aid program
  • For Pell Grants, you cannot have already received grants for 12 full-time semesters 
  • For state grants, students must be eligible for NC in-state tuition rates.

Eligible Programs of Study

To view the Eligible Programs of Study chart, click here.

Student Financial Aid Summary

To view the Student Financial Aid Summary chart, click here.

Using Your Aid

Learn more about how to use your aid by clicking here.

What To Know

Learn more about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) by clicking here.

Learn more about student right and responsibilities by clicking here.

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